FUNimation Broadcast Dub Live Tweeting Event!

Laughing Under the Clouds


Tomorrow marks the launch of our FUNimation Broadcast Dubs initiative! If you haven’t heard of FUNimation Broadcast Dubs before, it’s a new initiative to bring English dubbed episodes to fans while they are still broadcasting in Japan! Click here to read more about FUNimation Broadcast Dubs.


Episode 1 of Laughing Under the Clouds will be available for FUNimation subscribers in ENGLISH tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 1st) at 12:30pm ET/ 11:30am CT on We’ll be watching the episode AS SOON AS IT LAUNCHES, and we hope that you’ll join us! We’ll be live tweeting during the episode, and talking with fans about the show and FUNimation Broadcast Dubs in general. We’ll also be dropping hints on Twitter and Facebook to help you guess the voice actors for the three Kumoh brothers.


If you can manage to guess the voice actors for the Kumoh brothers (Tenka, Soramaru, and Chutaro) correctly, then you’ll be eligible to win an autographed promotional poster signed by the English cast and crew for Laughing Under the Clouds! Click here for contest details.


Laughing Cast Announcement Tenka  Laughing Cast Announcement Soramaru  Laughing Cast Announcement Chutaro 

So, joins us as we watch the first episode of Laughing Under the Clouds in English tomorrow! Remember, if you want to see more anime dubbed into English while they currently broadcasting in Japan, then be sure you support both Laughing Under the Clouds and Psycho-Pass 2.



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