English Cast for Laughing Under the Clouds

Laughing Under the Clouds


Over the weekend we debuted the first FUNimation Broadcast DubLaughing Under the Clouds. (Click here to read more about Broadcast Dubs). To celebrate the occasion, we asked fans to watch the first episode and guess the English voice actors for the three Kumoh brothers: Tenka, Soramaru, and Chutaro. A lot of fans were able to guess correctly! Click here to see the contest winner.


Now that the contest is over, we’re happy to announce the English voice cast for the series!






Tenka – Christopher Wehkamp
Soramaru – Dave Trosko
Chutaro – Terri Doty
Shirasu – Robert McCollum
Kitamura – Randy Pearlman
Tsuchiya – Jarrod Greene




ADR Director – Joel McDonald

ADR Engineer – Peter Hawkinson


series synopsis:
When swords were outlawed in the eleventh year of the Meiji era, the mighty samurai population began to dwindle. Those who rejected the ban on blades rebelled, causing violent unrest to erupt throughout the countryside. To combat the rise in criminal activity, an inescapable lake prison was constructed. Three young men, born of the Kumo line, were given the duty of delivering criminals to their place of confinement – but could there be more to their mission than meets the eye?


Watch new English dubbed episodes of the series every Saturday at 12:30pm ET/ 11:30am CT. Click here to watch the first episode now!