A Certain Magical Index II: Magic vs. Science Showdown!

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When magic and science collide, who wins the war? YOU decide! In honor of the release of A Certain Magical Index II, Part One on Blu-ray and DVD, we’re asking the fans which force they think would win in a showdown: Magic or Science?  Just to make it fair, we’re going to include characters from all across our FUNimation brands. Natsu vs. Ed Elric, Rias vs. Okabe, Bayonetta vs. Motoko? Who do you think will win? Vote to find out!


We’ll be posting a new match up each day, so be sure to come back and vote for your favorites!






See the results of Academy City’s first all-out war in A Certain Magical Index II, available for pre-order now!


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• A Certain Magical Index II, Part 1
• A Certain Magical Index – The Complete First Season (November 18)
• A Certain Magical Index II, Part 2 (December 16)
• A Certain Scientific Railgun – The Complete First Season (January 20, 2015)
• A Certain Magical Index – The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion (February 27, 2015)