Who's your favorite Twin-Tail?



Do you really like hairstyles? I mean, really like hairstyles? Do buns make you go bun-anas? Do ponytails make you want to do the pony? Do french braids make you scream “Oo La La”? Then we’ve got the show for you– Gonna be the Twin-tail!


series synopsis:

Soji is an average high school boy and devoted lover of pigtails. But when monsters with a thirst for human spirit energy invade earth, Soji (along with the help of a mysterious pig-tailed stranger) must transform into a pigtailed girl to defeat them.


We’re up to episode 7 of the series, and we’ve had the chance to meet a lovely array of twin-tails. So, which one is your favorite: Tail Red, Tail Blue, or Tail Yellow? Comment below, or on the designated Contest Thread on our Facebook page, with your fave and why, and you could win one of two theatrical sized Gonna be the Twin-Tail! posters. You have from now until November 24th to submit your entries!



Congratulations to espeon64 and Quentin Dulaney, our two random winners for this contest! You have already been sent messages to your Inbox on FUNimation.com or via a private message on Facebook (Check the “other” box in your messages). Thanks to everyone who participated!


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tail red tail blue tail yellow 

Gonna be the Twin-Tail! streams every Thursday at 1:46pm ET/ 12:46pm CT. Click here to watch episodes now!