Cowboy Bebop Jam Sessions: Marathon Party Ideas

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With Cowboy Bebop finally coming to Blu-ray on December 16, we expect more than a few of you will be gathering with friends to watch the classic sci-fi western in glorious high definition. We thought we would share a few ideas for anyone throwing their own #BebopJam Session at home!



1)     Ein papercraft!

Okay, technically these could be any Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but we found a great and free

printable papercraft project to puttogether your own adorable hyper-intelligent pup. Use them

for décor or as an activity for your guests, if they can take their eyes off the screen at all!

…..…Click here to start folding! 


2)     Colorful refreshments!


Beverages are fun to theme after characters. For example, if you wanted something inspired by

Faye’s classic yellow and red attire, you might offer lemonade garnished with raspberries…or, if

your crew is over 21, you might consider more adult options.

…………….Click here to start mixing!

Green Peppers and Beef.jpg3)     Snacks!

Snacks, of course, are key to any party. And no Cowboy #BebopJam Session would be complete

art preview_TomGordon

without Bell Peppers and Beef…with or without beef.

Here’s a particularly creative take on the dish. 

……………Click here to start cooking! 

Artwork: Tom Gordon

These are just a few ideas to get you started—share your own Jam Session party ideas or any other Cowboy Bebop love on your favorite social media site using the hashtag #BebopJam, then visit to see how everyone is celebrating.

And don’t forget to preorder your copy of Cowboy Bebop on Blu-ray, too! Click here!