New FUNimation Streaming Service SubPass Now Available!



FUNimation may be best known for its dubs, but we know that people have different ways of consuming anime.  While we include subs on home video and as part of our streaming service, we’ve never really had a product specific to sub fans – until now!


FUNimation is pleased to announce the launch of a subscription ‘SubPass‘ that gives fans unlimited access to subtitled anime. Episodes can be streamed in HD, commercial-free, right after the Japanese broadcast, and across multiple devices!


We at FUNimation feel the same way you do about anime and the amazing people in Japan who work so hard to make the shows that we all love – the production staff, animators, and voice actors, to name a few. The SubPass is a great way to show your support for the Japanese anime industry and its creators.  The more you watch, the more we can pay the licensors in Japan, and in turn, the more content we can bring to you.  For a little over $1/week (monthly rate) you can enjoy all the subtitled anime you want and support those who create these amazing shows.


The FUNimation SubPass is available for the low price of $4.95/month.  Or try it for 3 months at $12.95.  For the best value, sign up for the yearly subscription at $39.95 – a 33% savings!  That’s $3.33/month or 11 cents/day!


For a limited introductory period, SubPass subscribers will also be able to access both subbed and dubbed content on and across each of the FUNimation apps – including our new PS3 app! Explore all of the great content we have to offer for this limited time! For more information on the FUNimation apps, please visit:


In addition to our new SubPass, we will continue to offer our original subscription service, now called the All-AccessPass. This provides unlimited access to both subbed & dubbed episodes. The All-AccessPass will still be offered at $7.95/month and $59.95/12-month.  We are also pleased to offer a new $18.95/3-month option.


For more information on the FUNimation Streaming Service please visit: 


Thank you for your ongoing support.  We continue to make improvements to our anime site, products, and services, so please check back often for all the latest updates!