Luck be a Lady this Weekend – FUNimation Heading to Otakon Vegas


We’ve got a TON planned for Otakon Vegas this weekend in Sin City, so take a look below for panel and booth information:


Tokyo Ravens English Dub Premiere – 6pm – Video 1


Harutora may seem like an ordinary guy, but he’s actually a descendent of an ancient and powerful clan of omyouji. Born without the family talent for magic, he’d always believed he was destined for a normal, boring existence. All that changed the day Natsume, a beautiful face from Harutora’s past, barged back into his life and forever altered the course of his future. When her sudden arrival leads to a violent and tragic encounter with a magical prodigy, Harutora agrees to fulfill a childhood vow by accompanying Natsume to the clandestine Onmyo Academy. Together, along with their incredible onmyouji classmates, they’ll attempt to survive life at a school where not even magic can get you out of your homework.

FUNimation Peep Show Panel – 9pm – Panel 1

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch some jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles. Don’t forget to bring some tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. This is an 18+ panel, so bring your IDs.


FUNimation Presents the Cowboy Bebop Sessions – 12pm – Main Events

This winter, Cowboy Bebop hit Blu-ray in HD for the first time ever in North America. Join voice actors Steve Blum (Spike), Wendee Lee (Faye), and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Julia) for an inside look at the pop culture phenomenon.

Cowboy Bebop Autographs – 2pm – Autographs

Steve Blum (voice of Spike), Wendee Lee (voice of Faye), and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (voice of Julia) will be signing autographs. Autographs will be limited to the FUNimation Edition of Cowboy Bebop (Amazon Exclusive, Exclusive, FUNimation BluRay or FUNimation DVD) or a poster that will be provided by FUNimation

FUNimation Industry Panel – 3pm – Main Events

From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, come hear the latest news and information from North America’s largest anime distributor–FUNimation!


FUNimation Previews Panel – 12pm – Panel 1

Join us to watch some extended clips and trailers for the hottest new releases from FUNimation!


Don’t forget to stop by our booth in the Dealer’s Room for all your anime needs! While supplies last, every purchase at our booth will get a FREE FUNimation lanyard as a gift-with-purchase.

Hope to see you this weekend!