English Cast Announcement for Yurikuma Arashi

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KUMA SHOCK! We’re rolling out Phase II of our Broadcast Dubs for this season, so that means it’s time for the Yurikuma Arashi English Cast announcement! If you are familiar with Japanese, then you can kind of guess what this show is about from the title. Yes, friends, it is what you are thinking and there are TONS of artfully/strategically placed lilies to titillate your fancy.


Here’s the synopsis:


After an asteroid explosion and meteor shower lit up the sky over planet earth, strange adorable bears began to attack and devour humans. The earthlings responded with violence of their own, and in the end, a massive barrier – the Wall of Severance– was erected to separate man from bear. This fragile peace lasted until two high school girls encounter a yuri flower blooming – only to be shaken by the piercing warning of the Bear Alarm! Once again, bear and man- or bear and girl -will be pitted against each other in a deadly and mysterious showdown—brought to you buy Kunihiko Ikuhara, the director of Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena.


Check out the English cast list below!  The Broadcast Dub of the show will be available on Mondays at 2:30pm ET beginning this Monday, March 16th.


yurikuma_keyvisual.jpgCHARACTER – ACTOR


Kureha Tsubaki – Alexis Tipton
Ginko – Monica Rial
Lulu – Jamie Marchi
Sumika – Elaine Wagner
Yuriika – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mitsuko – Catilin Glass
Life Sexy – J. Michael Tatum
Life Cool – Christopher Bevins
Life Beauty – Josh Grelle




ADR Director: Christopher Bevins
ADR Engineer: Peter Hawkinson
ADR Script Writer: Jamie Marchi

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