Splash into summer with the Free! Dub and Swim Meet!

More big news for Free! -Eternal Summer- fans! Last week we revealed the release date for the Free! -Eternal Summer- DVD/Blu-ray release (which you can pre-order now!). We also announced that we’ll be streaming the dub for FUNimation Streaming Service subscribers early, so that fans can be the first to watch the dub ahead of the home video release. What’s the best way to drool over over dripping wet triceps…?


A watch party with friends, of course!

FUNimation will be presenting the Free! Swim Meet, a livestream watch party on June 26 at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT, hosted by Lauren Moore and members of the FUNimation team working on the release for Free! -Eternal Summer-, Roger Young, Michele Sontag, and Tara Tawater!




Watch the premiere of the first dub episode on the FUNimation Streaming Service along with us. There’ll be plenty of fangirling (and fanboying!), some behind-the-scenes looks at what’s going in with Free! -Eternal Summer- at FUNimation, and giveaways of awesome, rare swimming anime prizes you can’t get anywhere else!


And we want YOU to host your own Swim Meet!

Get with your friends, make it a party, and send us your pictures via Facebook or on Twitter using #FreeSwimMeet! We’ll share and retweet your get-togethers to the world.


Here are a few party ideas for inspiration:

    • Decorate with your favorite Free! anime merch, and don’t forget to invite your most athletically-inclined male friends!
    • Haru’s birthday on June 30. Turn your watch party into a birthday party with a cake for everyone’s favorite water lover!
    • Mix up some drinks (adult or otherwise—drink responsibly) with the theme colors of your favorite characters—check out our recipes below the cut!

  • Haruka: “Pool Water”

    2 oz blue fruit punch *
    2 oz sweet and sour mix
    2 oz lemon-lime soda
    *substitute with 1 oz vodka and 1 oz Blue Curacao liquer for a 21+ twist!.

  • Makoto: “Orca Splash”

    2 oz Japanese melon soda *
    2 oz sour mix
    2 oz lemon-lime soda
    1 cherry

    *substitute with 2 oz Midori melon liquer for a 21+ twist!

  • Nagisa: “Sunny Penguin Breeze”

    2 oz peach nectar *
    2 oz cranberry juice
    2 oz orange

    *substitute with 1 1/2 oz vodka and 1/2 oz peach schnapps for a 21+ twist!

  • Rei: “Butterfly Kiss”

    1 oz grenadine
    2 oz grape juice *
    1 oz cranberry juice
    2 oz soda

    *substitute with 1 oz Blue Curacao liquer and 1 oz vodka for a 21+ twist!

  • Rin: “Shark Bite”

    Pool Water (same as Haru’s) with a splash of grenadine


Remember, the first dub episode will air June 26 at 4 PM ET/3 PM CT. After that, you can watch a newly released dub episode everyone’s favorite swimboys every Friday at the same time.