Time To Celebrate – National Cheeseburger Day

September 18th is Cheeseburger Day! Are you celebrating? Our favorite anime characters sure are with giant burgers! Here, we’ll be showcasing our some of favorite anime characters chowing down on the good stuff and maybe why you should be eating a cheeseburger today! (Warning: some burgers are without cheese.)

Solty Rei

How To Eat A Burger

It’s all good if you don’t know how to eat a burger! We have you covered our android protagonist learns how to chow down!


America Wants YOU… To EAT!

Everyone knows that cheeseburgers are the most American thing! And they’re much more tasty than rations…

Ouran High School Host Club

Even Beautiful People Eat Cheeseburgers

Who knew it was possible to be so studly while enjoying a cheeseburger?


Playing with an Empty Stomach

You know the advice to not play on an empty stomach? This is why…

Full Metal Panic!

Great For Group Outings!

Need a food that’s perfect for group outings? Cheeseburgers are the classic choice!


Perfect Compliment with Any Food!

Did you know you can eat cheeseburgers with other foods? These guys show you how it’s done!

There are plenty of anime characters who enjoy a nice cheeseburger! You can definitely find more characters on FUNimation.com! Who are your favorite cheeseburger-eating characters?