Riddle Story of Devil English Cast Announcement – Round 2

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Another day, another round of lady assassins! We’re revealing four new English dub cast announcements for schoolgirl killing game anime Riddle Story of Devil – Akuma no Riddle. If you love the killing game tension of Danganronpa or the badass ladies of Noir, check this one out.



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Today’s class roster features an assassin armed with deadly wire, a sexy knife wielder, a bomb specialist, and one assassin with a secret…

Haruki Isuke

Kouko Suzu


Cast – Round 2 

Haruki Sagae: Carli Mosier

Isuke Inukai: Jamie Marchi

Kouko Kaminaga: Clarine Harp

Suzu Shuto: Michelle Rojas


Keep an eye out tomorrow for the final reveal!