Time To Celebrate – Back To The Future Day

October 21st is Back To The Future Day! Welcome to the future! Wait, where are the hoverboards and pizza hydrators? At least we have smartphones, electric cars, and of course time-traveling anime! In celebration of this special day, we’re going to showcase some of our favorite anime with time-traveling themes.




DeLorean Mail

What list about anime and time traveling would be complete without Steins;Gate, a series all about time travel? From government agencies/conspiracies to Akihabara maid cafes to “DeLorean Mail” (D-Mail), this series is one that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon with its amazing take on time travel.  And to think it all starts from a weirdly microwaved banana… Just watch it!






Infinite Worlds and Infinite Possibilities


What do you get when you have two different dimensions in the future that need a key person from the past to make their reality come true, so they send back warrior representatives to get that person? Anime Terminator? No! You get a thrilling race against time and multiple dimensions known as Noein!




Buddy Complex

It Takes A Boy From The Past, To Save The Future

Aoba is your typical, everyday type of high schooler. That is until he is chased down by mech suits and taken to the future. It’s your typical, everyday type of growing up story that involves intense giant robot wars, wormholes to future, and interstellar battles.




Dragon Ball Z

The Androids Are Coming! The Androids Are Coming!

Most of Dragon Ball Z doesn’t involve time travel (although it has space travel and travel between dimensions); however, one of its most famous characters, Trunks, comes from the future to the past to prevent a world-devastating catastrophe. By stealing his mother’s time machine, this purple-haired, sword-wielding Super Saiyan makes it to past and alters the timeline permanently.





Share with us your favorite time-traveling anime scenarios! As always, you can be sure to watch all these wonderful shows on FUNimation.com!