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DANGAN_KEY01_CWelcome to the Danganronpa Death Game! Heh heh heh heh! Danganronpa: The Animation will be available on home video 11/10/15 and now is your chance to see how long you would last in a survival game!


Here’s how it works: we’ve presented 4 dangerous scenarios for you to navigate. But deliberate carefully…the responses you choose will either lead to the next round or PUNISHMENT TIME! There are 4 scenarios total, each containing 4 answers to choose from with a survival percentage of WHO KNOWS?!? I can’t wait to see who ends up riding the motorcycle from Hell! Heh heh heh heh!


Leave your answers for all 4 scenarios on THIS Facebook post by 11:59pm CST tonight, then watch your fate be decided as we release the outcomes of each one throughout the week!


Question 1  Question 2

Question 3  Question 4


Here are the dates that the results will be revealed:

10/28 – Scenario 1 Results

10/29 – Scenario 2 Results

10/30 – Scenario 3 Results

10/31 – Scenario 4 Results


You probably won’t make it to the final round but either way… Let’s have a killer time!


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