Time To Celebrate – Friday the 13th

It’s not often that the dates align so perfectly that the thirteenth day of a month lands on a Friday. It must be a very lucky day! Oh wait it’s not? In fact many unlucky things happen today? Well it sounds like it’s time to stay inside and watch anime instead! We have a list that should keep you safe, remind you why you shouldn’t go outside today, and maybe it’ll even rub off some luck on you! Warning: spoilers ensue.

Good Luck Girl

Great Luck!

Ichiko’s life is so good! She’s beautiful, popular, and super lucky, but only because she steals the luck from everyone else! However her luck changes and through a comedic turn of events she learns what it means to not always have the luck.


Bad Luck

Hiyori is your precocious young woman who is on the way to success until an accident leaves her in the balance of life and death, an unfortunate narcoleptic, and in the care of the most careless God imaginable. At least she gets brand new friends and a new look on life.

Is This A Zombie?

Worse Luck

Now at least your life isn’t like Ayumu (hopefully). Right off the bat, he gets murdered by a serial killer, resurrected to be a zombie slave, killed again, and then becomes a cross-dressing magical (girl) boy that has to fight dangerous monsters. At least he gets cool powers, seductive friends, and a pretty dress and chainsaw!

Tokyo Ghoul

Horrible Luck

It’s bad enough to be killed episode one. It’s worse when it comes from a love interest after having bad luck with the dating scene beforehand. But it’s worse to be transformed into a vampiric monster that loses the taste for food and gains a taste only for human flesh, and it’s even worse to be hunted by humans and other monsters of your newfound species. Finally it takes outstandingly bad luck to be abducted and tortured until you lose your sanity. In fact, you’re pretty lucky to be reading this and not to be Kaneki Ken.

Samurai Champloo / Cowboy Bebop

Bad Luck Turned Into Good!

Well it stinks to have bad luck where jobs/money is scant and all the wrong people are chasing you. But with a good gang, good skills, creativity, and of course the occasional good luck, things turn around for these groups!