FUNimation Fan Favorites 2015



We want YOU to vote for your favorite things about 2015! So much happened from the Aogiri Tree accepting new candidates in Tokyo Ghoul √A to Zapp bringing the pain in Blood Blockade Battlefront, as well as more simulcasts than ever before! Now it is time for the fans to voice their opinions on what they loved here on our end of year poll.


So you’re probably wondering what the categories are? It was difficult to keep it down to only ten for this year, but we think this is a good balance that you’ll enjoy. Of course, if you feel differently let us know and we’ll take it into consideration for the next time we do this. So, without further ado, here are the ten categories for the 2015 Simulcast Year:


  • Favorite Opening/Ending
  • Favorite Hero
  • Favorite Villain
  • Favorite Non-Human Character
  • Favorite Weapon/Special Ability
  • Favorite Fight Scene
  • Favorite Story
  • Favorite Soundtrack
  • Favorite Simulcast
  • Favorite Broadcast Dub


Submit no more than four entries per category (please list the category first, followed by your four nominees) through these methods:

  1. Comments section on this post
  2. Facebook post
  3. Twitter – using the hashtag “#FUNimationFavorites”
  4. Email us at (with the subject line of “FUNimation Fan Favorites”)



We will be accepting submissions until 3pm CT, Wednesday, December 23rd. Then on later that day, we will reveal the four nominees for each category. You will then be able to vote on your favorites right here, and we will be accepting votes until Sunday, January 3rd. Finally, on Monday, January 4th, we’ll reveal who you picked as the favorite in each category.



If all of that was too much to digest, here’s the tl;dr schedule to make things easier:

  • December 21st – December 23rd: Nominee Submission Period
  • December 23rd – January 3rd: Voting Period
  • January 4th – Your favorites announced



If you would like to check what shows are eligible, please take a look at the four different season pages below:


World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

Samurai Warriors


Yatterman Night

Absolute Duo

Yona of the Dawn

Maria the Virgin Witch

Cutie High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

Garo the Animation

Yurikuma Arashi

 Kamisama Kiss

The Rolling Girls

Assassination Classroom Death Parade Tokyo Ghoul √A



Be sure to check back here on Wednesday, December 23rd to see the final list of nominees and submit your vote for the FUNimation Fan Favorites 2015!