Tokyo ESP English Cast Announcement



Get ready, because this isn’t your usual English cast announcement! Tokyo ESP is coming to home video on Blu-ray and DVD,  2/23/16 and there may be a few surprises in the anime list below!


From the creator of Ga-Rei-Zero comes an adventure that shows how out-of-the-ordinary abilities of high school students can send a powerful message to evildoers the world over.


Rinka is a normal Tokyo high-schooler with big dreams and a small income. She works a part-time job to support her and her single dad, but she yearns for the day she’ll get to loosen the strings on her pocketbook. Her ordinary life takes a turn for the extraordinary when she witnesses a penguin and a school of fish flying through the air. After one of the fish seems to pass through her, she wakes up in her apartment building with no clothes on and no memory of the strange phenomenon save for a mysterious ability to pass through solid objects. With her newfound powers, Rinka is about to learn just how transparent the world can be.


RINKA Sarah Wiedenheft
KYOTARO Adam Dahlberg
MINAMI Mallorie Rodak
RINDOU Bryan Massey
KUROI Jenny Ledel
MURASAKI Lara Woodhull
PEGGY Heather Walker
AYUMU Morgan Berry
YODANI R Bruce Elliott
PROFESSOR Jefferey Schmidt
KOZUKI Lindsay Seidel
AMIE Bryn Apprill
RIN Trina Nishimura


As you may have noticed, we have quite a few actors new to Funimation’s dubs. In particular, Tokyo ESP’s cast list includes Adam Dahlberg, who many of you may know as Sky from the YouTube channel Sky Does Minecraft and his other related channels.


He’s cut his teeth doing voice over for numerous internet videos and is now taking on the tough new challenge of dubbing anime! Sky auditioned alongside other working VAs for the part and will join a talented cast of both new and veteran actors in Tokyo ESP! So keep an eye on his SkyDoesThings YouTube channel, as he will be posting some behind-the-scenes footage of his trip to Funimation and time in the booth.