How Do War Maidens Stack Up Against Goddesses?

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Motivated to take arms for different reasons, these sovereign women approach each situation with otherworldly powers yet relatable personalities…  And we noticed that some of these War Maidens reminded us of other powerful women in myth! So just for fun, we’ve matched a few of the War Maidens to comparable Greek Goddesses.


First up is…



Known as the Winged Goddess of Victory and the Goddess of Strength, Speed, and Victory. Nike would fly around battlefields rewarding victors with glory and fame.  But which of the War Maidens does she most closely resemble?






Today we’re revealing….



Known as the Goddess of Wisdom and the Spear Shaker. Athena was very skilled in the art of war and was arguably Zeus’s favorite child.


The War Maiden she reminds us of the most is… LUDMILA!



Known as the Greek Goddess of Peace, Harmony, and Concord. She was given a cursed necklace, referred to as the necklace of Harmonia, on her wedding day as a “gift”.


The War Maiden she reminds us of the most is… SOFYA!



Known as the Goddess of the Rainbow and the Goddess of the Sea and Sky. She would travel through the clouds as a messenger.


The War Maiden she reminds us of the most is… ELIZAVETA!


Our final pairing is:



Known as the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Strife, and Discord. It was Eris who threw a golden apple into the assembly of the gods, which led to suffering and war.


The War Maiden she reminds us of the most is… VALENTINA!



If you can think of an even better match between a mythical woman (e.g. Xena: the Warrior Princess) and a War Maiden from the show, please feel free to share!

Need to brush up on your War Maidens? You can watch episodes of Lord Marksman here! 



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