Mobile Apps Are Coming!

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When we announced FunimationNow in January, lots of fans were immediately excited about our new mobile apps – with good reason! The development team has put in an incredible amount of work, and we’re starting to see this first step of the FunimationNow journey come to life.


We want to make sure we’re putting the best possible experience in your hands, so testing has been critical in this process. And while we have a complete build ready now, we’re waiting on one last marketplace to publish the app, so we’re putting everything through the wringer and adding our finishing touches. This does mean our launch date will now be in early March instead of February, so we wanted to make sure you knew why.


Once our apps are out, we want you to be a part of the testing process, too. If there’s anything we missed, you’ll be able to send us feedback from within the app, or you can email us at


We really appreciate your patience, and we’re eager for you to see the new apps. This is a small (screen) step, but it’s going to be a great start for the beginning of FunimationNow.


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