English cast announcement – Barakamon!



We’ve got a pretty good way to start off your Tuesday: the Barakamon English cast announcement!

Find out who will be lending their voices to this slice of life then sit back, take it easy, and enjoy the dub trailer below!






Cast & Crew:
HANDA Robert McCollum
NARU Alison Viktorin
MIWA Lynsey Hale
TAMA Apphia Yu
HIROSHI Clifford Chapin
HINA Lara Woodhull
KENTA Leah Clark
KAWAFUJI Duncan Brannan
ADR Director Mike McFarland
ADR Engineer Domonique French
Head Writer John Burgmeier
Script Writer Clint Bickham



After an unfavorable critique drives uptight young calligrapher Sei Handa past his breaking point, his parents decide to ship him off to Japan’s Goto Islands to cool off. But instead of a peaceful paradise, Handa discovers a village full of quirky characters with little regard for personal space. On top of that, Handa’s temporary apartment has already been claimed as home base by the village elder’s granddaughter, Naru, who has a knack for getting into trouble. Will Handa ever be able to redeem his impulsive misdeed? Will he ever be able to write like the masters? Will the village kids ever learn to KNOCK first??


This show releases on Blu-ray & DVD on August 9 – but you can pre-order your very own copy right now! Can’t wait for August? Look for the spin-off show Handa-kun in our summer simulcast line-up!