Conventions 2016 – Blowing Into Anime Midwest

Right on the heels of Anime Expo, we’re heading up to the Windy City of Chicago for Anime Midwest. Welcome our conventions staff, Tara and Tim, as they’ll blow you away with panels and great booth deals!



Funimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday, July 8th | 10:30pm – 11:50pm | Panel Location: Panel Room 5

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest Funimation titles with host Cookie Stratford.  Don’t forget to bring tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. Audience participation encouraged by tweeting using the hashtag #FunimationPeepShow. You could even win some naughty prizes. (18+, Bring your IDs!)

Funimation Industry | Saturday, July 9th | 4:30pm – 5:50pm | Panel Location: Panel Room 3

From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor—Funimation. Live tweet with us using the hashtag #FunimationPanel for a chance to win prizes!

Funimation Favorites | Saturday, July 9th | 9:30pm – 10:45pm | Panel Location: Panel Room 3

Funimation takes a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your Funimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FunimationFave!


High School DxD BorN (Season 3)

Friday, July 8 | 6:00pm – 6:50pm | Panel Room 6

The babes and boys of the Occult Research Club are Back! Lovable loser (and bust buff) Issei and his clan of bewitching beauties return for a new season of supernatural tussles and sexy shenanigans—featuring old friends and new enemies! Now that all the girls live in Issei’s home, life seems like nothing but fun and scantily-clad lounging…for now! Join Rias, Akeno, Koneko, Asia, Xenovia, Gasper, and everyone’s favorite Harem King Issei as they fight, fumble, and fondle their way through their demonic high school lives.