Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign – Preview the Collector’s Edition and Season One Part Two

Whose side are you on? The humans or the vampires? We aren’t sure either after the events of Season One Part Two in Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. It is difficult to really discern which side is more evil or right. However, that big question inspired the design of Seraph of the End’s home video releases.

Our anime shop just released Season One Part One on Blu-ray and DVD in May of this year, with a design focused on the humans, since the first 12 episodes established the human foundation. As fans of the show, we knew that the conflict between the humans and vampires was going to grow more intensely in the next part. After watching Part Two (episodes 13-24), we were inspired to figure out a way to display the direct conflict between those two groups through the design of our home video releases.


Therefore, for Season One Part Two, we decided to work with WIT Studio, the animation studio for Seraph of the End. We collaborated to create an art piece that focused solely on the vampires. Thus, this is what we were able to create:


Seraph of the End P1-Combo Seraph of the End P2_Combo


By putting these two products side by side, you can see the direct contrast in color and design. Getting this commissioned art piece took us a few months from rough sketch to final product. We are absolutely amazed and grateful for it! The cover art for Season One Part Two is exclusive to our Blu-ray and DVD release. That particular art piece is not available anywhere else except for in our anime shop. For those that purchased the Season One Part One Limited Edition or the Standard Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, we hope that the design for Season One Part Two will satisfy your collection! Now onto the gorgeous big box: the Collector’s Edition.


Seraph Collector's Edition Beauty Spread


All 24 episodes will be available on Blu-ray and DVD in the Collector’s Edition set that features a large, rigid chipboard box with soft-touch effect, embossing, and green foil accents. Within the box, you will find an 8-panel digipak featuring the commissioned art piece and other art, a 200-page hardcover artbook featuring character bios, background art, and exclusive magazine illustrations, 8 collectible art cards featuring illustrations from the Japanese Limited Edition releases, and 10 adorable chibi stickers featuring your favorite humans and vampires. This is the ultimate set for any Seraph of the End fan!


Seraph of the End Collector's Edition Rigid Box

For the large, rigid chipboard box, we obviously chose the colors green and black to represent the colors of the humans’ outfits, but the box has a few specialty prints. All of the black areas are soft and flesh-like to the touch, while all of the green parts are embossed with shiny foil material. We chose these specific specialty prints to make it look sleek and to provide a very tactile experience in representation of the humans.


During Seraph of the End simulcasting in 2015, we saw many cosplayers from Seraph of the End at anime conventions and noticed that the fans were very intricate and particular in their costume designs. Therefore, we concluded that including some kind of artbook would be crucial to the collectors and fans. We also thought about durability and quality, so we decided to make it a hardcover. What we also ensured to include in this edition was the presentation of the conflict between the humans and vampires. Right as you open the digipak, you will see this:

Seraph of the End Digipak


Whether you purchase the Collector’s Edition or Season One Part Two, you will still be able to have the exclusive commission art piece. Nonetheless, throughout the Collector’s Edition, you will see how we have displayed the conflict and tension between the humans and the vampires. But for the Seraph of the End fans, it doesn’t end there.


If you pre-order the Collector’s Edition or Season One Part Two on Blu-ray and DVD, you can get one of these exclusive Seraph of the End t-shirts only on the Funimation Shop for $10 instead of $24.98!


T-Shirt 2 T-Shirt 1



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The Collector’s Edition and Season One Part Two will release September 27, 2016 on Blu-ray and DVD. The Collector’s Edition is currently priced at $149.99 and Season One Part Two is currently priced at $48.74 on Funimation Shop.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and learning about the inspiration behind Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign’s home video releases. Thank you for taking the time to read this!