D.Gray-man HALLOW Broadcast Dub Cast Announcement



D.Gray-man HALLOW is the latest installment of the D.Gray-man series where Allen Walker and his comrades continue the battle against the evil Millennium Earl and his deadly Akuma army. It has been almost 8 years since the last episode (episode 103) of D.Gray-man broadcasted in Japan.

We have had the rights to episodes 1-51 for many years, but just recently as we acquired HALLOW, we were also able to acquire episodes 52-103. We will provide you more details later when these episodes will be released on FunimationNow. But don’t you worry, we are working on getting those episodes dubbed as well.


However, the time has come! We are so excited to announce the cast for D.Gray-man HALLOW today because we have been wondering, like yourself, on who will be returning from the first season. We are glad to inform you that we are bringing most of the original cast back for HALLOW! Check out the list below.


Voice Director Cris George
Todd Haberkorn Allen Walker
Ian Sinclair Yu Kanda
Luci Christian Lenalee Lee
Christopher R. Sabat Cross Marian
Jason Liebrecht Lavi and The Millennium Earl
Eric Vale Arystar Krory
Colleen Clinkenbeard Miranda Lotto
R Bruce Elliott Bookman
Michael Tatum Komui Lee
Chuck Huber Reever Wenhamm
Christopher Bevins Johnny Gill
Sean Hennigan Malcom C. Lveille
Aaron Roberts Howard Link
Micah Solusod Kie
Mark Stoddard Mana Walker


Be sure to watch the new Broadcast Dub, which the first episode launches Wednesday, August 3 at 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT as part of the newest season of DubbleTalk! Watch the show and comment along with the Funimation Team as they take you thorugh some of the best moments of the season at www.twitch.tv/funimation.


You can watch the first 51 episodes here as well. We will have more information for you in regards to episodes 52-103 later as soon as we know what the timing looks like. Thank you for your patience.