Conventions 2016 – Anime Weekend Atlanta

Funimation is headed to Atlanta for one the biggest anime conventions of the Southwest, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and we’re bringing panels, booth deals, and more. Welcome Tara, Tim, Scott, Alex, and Godswill for a packed weekend! And be sure to check out all of the screenings at the bottom because there are a lot!


Funimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday, September 30th | 8:00pm – 9:30pm | Panel Location: Kennesaw

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest Funimation titles with host Cookie Stratford.  Don’t forget to bring tissues, you know, for the nose bleeds. Audience participation encouraged by tweeting using the hashtag #FunimationPeepShow. You could even win some naughty prizes. (18+, Bring your IDs!)

Funimation Favorites | Saturday, October 1st | 10:45am – 11:45am | Panel Location: Williams AB

Funimation takes a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your Funimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FunimationFave!

Funimation Industry | Saturday, October 2nd | 1:15pm – 2:45pm | Panel Location: Williams AB

From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor Funimation. Live tweet with us using the hashtag #FunimationPanel for a chance to win prizes!


Dealer’s Room Location and Times:

Funimation Booth: 302,201,203,205

Friday –  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

In addition to sweet savings that can be found at the booth we’re bringing in the Lucky Pin Draw where if you spend a certain amount at the booth, you get to choose the pin you want! Pin tiers are:

  • $75 – 1 pin
  • $125 – 2 pins
  • $150 – 3 pins
  • $200 – 4 pins

With every purchase we’ll be handing out collectible shopping bags and a Funimation Lanyard! Also you can be sure to find special autographed items based on what you buy.

AWA Voice Actor Guests

While at Anime Weekend Atlanta, you can be sure to see some of these voice actors who are featured in many of your favorite Funimation shows:

Vic Mignogna
Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist, Broly – Dragon Ball Z, Tamaki Suoh – Ouran High School Host Club
Johnny Yong Bosch
Vash – Trigun, Lelouch – Code Geass, Koizumi – Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Todd Haberkorn
Natsu – Fairy Tail, Allen Walker – D.Gray-man, Death the Kid – Soul Eater


SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

English Dub Premiere | Friday, September 30th | 5:00pm  | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


Who is the panty-masked villainess spreading obscenity in a country where even the mildest off-color musing can land you in jail?

When the student council president of the most elite public morals school in the country has a feeling that the lewd is coming from within the walls, she recruits Tanukichi, a recent transfer student, to her upstanding moral squad.

Little does she know he’s already been blackmailed by Ayame, her own vice president who is secretly the panty-masked bandit, into committing mass acts of public obscenity in the name of SOX—a brigade of sorts—dedicated to spreading the good news of being lewd.

Aquarion Logos

English Dub Premiere | Friday, September 30th | 8:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Aquarion returns with a new series, new characters and a brand new adventure! Inspired by the classic mecha series of the ‘70s and ‘80s, Aquarion Logos is ready to serve up more high-flying robotic battles animated by Satelight, the same team that brought you Log HorizonFairy Tailand the first two installments in the Aquarionfranchise.

Vision of Escaflowne

Home Video Dub Premiere | Friday, September 30th | 9:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


When a young man appears from a beam of light, Hitomi Kanzaki is whisked away to a world known as Gaea. Embroiled in war against the evil empire of Zaibach, soldiers fight in armored mechas known as “Guymelefs”. There, Hitomi meets Van, the newly ordained King and his own mecha, Escaflowne. While on Gaea, Hitomi discovers a new power that could help Van save the world and get her home.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Home Video Dub Premiere | Saturday, October 1st | 12:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


Junichiro Kagami: scientific prodigy, groundbreaking physicist, published author…hopeless otaku. Once a promising young scientist, he’s since been rejected from the scientific community for his controversial research on anime-based teleportation. It’s like they always say: people fear the things they don’t understand. Now, a 24-year-old NEET with his science career behind him, Kagami finally has time to devote to the things that REALLY matter: updating his anime blog. But not everyone understands the dire importance of fandom. Even Kagami’s sister (his own blood and flesh!!) eventually gets fed up with his antics and forces him to take a job as a high school physics teacher.  Dealing with “real-lifers” is a real drag, but soon Kagami finds himself strangely drawn to the conflicts of his pupils – and they to his…unorthodox teaching methods. In the world of high school drama, Kagami is armed with a potent knowledge of useless anime trivia, and an understanding of human problems derived from his on-screen friends. This otaku might just make the ultimate teacher!

Chaos Dragon

English Dub Premiere | Saturday, October 1st | 8:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


Based on a table-top roleplaying session involving Gen Urobuchi (Psycho-PassFate/Zero), Ryohgo Narita (Baccano!, Durarara!!), Kinoko Nasu (Kara no KyōkaiTsukihime) and more, Chaos Dragon tells the story of two countries locked in a never-ending war. In the middle of this chaos lies Nil Kamui, an island country that lost its independence after a guardian god known as Red Dragon spiraled out of control. Desperate to put a stop to Red Dragon’s rampage, a small group of heroes rise up to bring peace back to their world.


English Dub Premiere | Saturday, October 1st | 9:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


From the studio that brought you Death Parade, Parasyte, and No Game No Life comes a series that takes place in the world of Yggdrasil, an MMORPG that’s scheduled to be shut down permanently. With no family or friends outside the game, veteran player Momonga refuses to log out. As the servers go dark, he discovers that the world inside the game continues to change as NPCs begin to develop personalities and minds of their own. With a new world at his fingertips, Momonga decides to use his power and skill to take control of Yggdrasil and become its overlord.

Psychic School Wars

Home Video Dub Premiere | Saturday, October 1st | 10:00pm | Video 3 – Galleria Ballroom


From the director behind Gunslinger Girl comes a visually striking movie about saving the world and young love.

The future of the world is in trouble. But can it be affected by something as simple as cellphones? Perhaps the world would be a better place if you could communicate without actually speaking—if you just knew what others were thinking. But no one has psychic talents…or do they?

When transfer student Ryoichi Kyogoku appears things take a turn for the weird. Students start missing school and the student council bans the use and possession of cellphones on school property. Behind the scenes, Kyogoku begins changing students—awakening their psychic abilities with the hope that maybe he can prevent the future disaster on Earth. But if he can’t, he’ll have to take everyone he awakened back to his future. Kenji Seki, an absent-minded and clumsy boy, and his friends get caught in the middle of Kyogoku’s plans. They can either stop him, or join him—but only if they have the power.

Ninja Slayer

Home Video Dub Premiere | Sunday, October 2nd | 2:00pm | Video 1 – Grand Ballroom


From Kill la Kill’s radical Studio Trigger comes a badass and outrageous ninja anime that kicks reason to the curb with a screaming “WASSHOI!”

Ninjas. Karate. Sushi. The dystopian cyber underworld of Neo-Saitama is ruled from the shadows by an intricate web of drugs, yakuza gangs, and evil syndicate ninjas wielding fearsome “karate.” In a sea of the blood of his enemies, a lone maverick stands. NINJA SLAYER is a ninja who kills other ninjas in the name of ninja vengeance. A former salaryman whose family was killed by evil ninjas, Ninja Slayer cheats death and casts away his past to embrace the dark, mystical NINJA SOUL, a mysterious spirit that grants him great power in his quest for revenge. But will this bloodthirsty spirit consume Ninja Slayer before his enemies are all “dead on departure?” Domo. I’m Ninja Slayer.