Escaflowne Tarot Card Reading

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Time for a tarot reading! In Escaflowne, the heroine Hitomi consults the cards to tell fortunes. Play our GIF game featuring some the cards from the show!

  1. Ask the cards a question
  2. Take a screenshot of the rotating cards at the bottom to find your reading
    • If you get duplicates, start over
  3. See the quick guide to find out what the cards generally mean
  4. (Optional) Feel free to comment below with your reading and what you think the cards are telling you about your question!



Back of tarot cardsBack of tarot cardsBack of tarot cards


In Escaflowne, Hitomi’s cards covers the major arcana—the main suit of 22 trump cards in tarot—with just a few of the minor arcana. Note that tarot reading is actually highly complex with a lot more meanings and interpretations than what we’ve covered here.


See every reading and each of Hitomi’s adventures in the full series, available now here!




Tarot card name Translation Meaning
Il Pazzo The Fool zero, beginnings, adventure, a wild card
Il Veggente The Magician talent, transformation, supernatural power
Il Papessa The High Priestess knowledge, divination
La Imperatrice The Empress nurturing, creation of life, evolution
L’Imperatore The Emperor domination, regulation, power
Il Papa The Hierophant blessing, inspiration, connection between heaven and earth
L’Amore The Lovers relationships, choices, love, harmony
La Carrozza The Chariot adversity, turmoil
La Giustizia Justice justice, balance, virtue
L’Elemita The Hermit cautiousness, introversion, inner strength
La Luota Wheel of Fortune changes in life or fortune, destiny
La Forza Strength fortitude, bravery, heroism
L’Impiccato The Hanged Man change, reversal, suspension
La Morte Death loss, misfortune, failure
La Temperanza Temperance moderation, patience, even temperament
Il Diavolo The Devil disaster, temptation, bondage from fear
La Torre The Tower destructive change, downfall, crisis
La Stella The Star optimism, faith, balance
La Luna The Moon fearful imagination, false light, deception,
Il Sole The Sun happiness, success, accomplishment
Il Giudizio Judgement rebirth, atonement, awakening
Il Monde The World finality, cosmic union, perfection
Il Fusco/La Luce The Ace of Serpents/Wands optimism, invention
L’Aria/La Vita The Ace of Birds/Swords decisive ability, cutting through confusion
La Terra/La Legge The Ace of Beasts/Pentacles a change in fortune
La Ambizione The Knight of Beasts/Pentacles a dark young man, a stubborn or serious person, a difficult question





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