Omamori Himari: Our Favorite Catgirls

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The world is getting more stressful for multiple reasons- maybe work is piling on more work or exams are coming- but we’re here to help deal with that. With the release of Omamori Himari (on November 8th on DVD) to our anime shop, we got the great idea to bring you some of the cutest catgirls that we could find! Internet cats and cute anime girls are scientifically proven to relieve stress (we’re pretty sure), so why not put them together? See some of our favorites below:


Omamori Himari

Demon girl assigned to protect me who has a sword, cat ears, and a cat tail? Sign me up please!


Fairy Tail

Magical cat powers and cat puns included!


Show By Rock!!

So cute! And she plays music too!


The Vision of Escaflowne

Classic catgirl here. Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt.

Shizuka Nekonome

Rosario + Vampire

Hello teacher! I mean MEOWW teacher!


Soul Eater

A catgirl with witch powers who wants to stay at my house? Just as long as she doesn’t bewitch my house too much.


Hunter x Hunter

She’s actually pretty scary…

Bonus Catboy: Saburou Nekomiya

Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

This cute catboy is known to kick butt and use cute cat puns while doing it!

Who are your favorites? Who did we miss? Let us know and feel the stress melt away. Also be sure to get Omamori Himari today to get more catgirls into your life!

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