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Experience the exhilaration of fighting impending doom with Real Escape Game “Castle Under Siege.”

SCRAP is partnering with Funimation to bring to life an escape room game inspired by the Attack on Titan series.  You and your 9 teammates will be trapped within the walls of a castle ruin, tasked to survive and defeat the titans within 60 minutes. This is the second SCRAP’s game in collaboration with Attack on Titan series while the first collaboration was a pop-up event at large space like a baseball stadium called “Escape from the Walled City.”

“This game will be a hybrid between the terror the titans evoke in Attack on Titan and the critical intensity of a Real Escape Game at a limited space” stated Satoshi Yamabe, Real Escape Game producer for SCRAP. “This is an experience that neither an escape room fan nor an Attack on Titan fan would want to miss.”

Fans will be able to experience the excitement and thrill of being in the world of Attack on Titan through “Castle Under Siege” starting January 27th in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Tickets are available today and can be reserved at the official website: realescapegame.com/aotla.

About Real Escape Game:

Established in Japan in 2007, SCRAP Corp. debuted the Real Escape Game concept in Kyoto and followed up with the first permanent Real Escape Room in 2010. Since then, over one million people have participated in games run by SCRAP and its partners throughout Japan, China, Singapore, France, Spain, Canada and the United States.  For more information about SCRAP, visit realescapegame.com.

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