Tales of Zestiria the X – Season 1 Recap

The true test of the shepherd goes beyond his journey.


Tales of Zestiria the X is back with the highly anticipated season 2! The popular game turned anime returns and the story is just getting started. Join the Shepherd Sorey and his Seraphim companions as they continue to purify the world of evil creatures, malice, and hatred. If you haven’t seen season one yet—what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to get caught up in all the adventure and beautiful animation! If you have but you’re a little hazy on the details, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered. Here’s where we left off in season one:


 In a kingdom plagued with corruption and malevolence, it’s up to the Shepherd Sorey and his Seraph companions to purify the lands. But taking on the powers of the Shepherd hold more weight than Sorey could ever imagine. On a battlefield littered with violence, hatred, and malice Sorey faces his first test as Shepherd—The Lord of Calamity.


With season two upon us, take a look at the characters we’ve already met!


Sorey: A human who grew up with the Seraphim and was granted the power of the Shepherd. Burdened with a power to cleanse the world, Sorey must learn what it truly means to be the Shepherd and save their land from calamity. He loves exploring ruins and took on his new role to find every ruin in the known world.


Mikleo: A water Seraph and Sorey’s closest companion. Shares Sorey’s love of exploring ruins and is very protective of him.



Alisha Diphda: Princess knight of Hyland. Has a strong sense of purpose and is willing to lay down her life for her kingdom.



Lailah: A fire Seraph and Lady of the Lake of Ladylake who bestowed the powers of the Shepherd to Sorey. Knows many things that she can’t yet reveal to Sorey and the rest of their companions



Rose: Leader of the Sparrowfeathers and the assassin guild, Scattered Bones. Was once out for Alisha’s head but now seeks to help the Princess in her mission to protect the kingdom.



Edna: The petite Earth Seraph with a huge attitude. Joins Sorey’s journey after he promised to find a way to save her brother from his fate as a dragon.



Zaveid: The wannabe-lady-killer and Wind Seraph with ties to Edna’s brother. His ways of handling hellions go against Sorey’s beliefs but he could hold answers that will aide them in their journey.



Dezel: A Wind Seraph that has a tie to Rose. He has only just revealed himself to Sorey, but his motives are unknown.



The Lord of Calamity: The cause for the strong malevolence in the world stems from the dark lord, Heldalf. He’ll stop at nothing to cover the world with darkness.



Lunarre: A man once apart of Scattered Bones but craves power and destruction. He takes on an appearance and qualities similar to that of a hellion and reveals himself as an aid to the Lord of Calamity.



Symmone: A mysterious and powerful girl with powers similar to that of a Seraph who aids the Lord of Calamity.


As his powers continue to grow, Sorey still has a long way to go if he hopes to save the world from the Lord of Calamity and aid Princess Alisha with the growing storm between the kingdoms of Hyland and Rolance.