Top 5 Zestiria Moments!

This post was written by Funimation copywriter and Tales franchise fan, Lauren Hill!

As we jump into season two of Tales of Zestiria the X, let’s take a look back at the season one best Zesty moments!

5: Episode 0-Age of Chaos

For fans of the game, the very first episode of Tales of Zestiria the X was extremely important. The game left a lot out about Alisha, who was a favorite character for many since the beginning. Having her story start off this anime answered questions and gave more reason to love her!



4: Meeting Velvet

The highly anticipated new game, Tales of Berseria is only a week away for US gamers. But for Japan, the episodes introducing Velvet and her story in Zestiria the X were celebrating the first release of the game. Plus, it confirmed to fans a connection between storylines for Berseria and Zestiria.



3: Skit Scenes

A huge component of Tales of games are the skits and having them as the next episode previews are fantastic. They bring humor in the tensest moments and give a little more insight into the personalities of the characters. And the best one of them all? Mikleo being forced to make all those crazy faces! Poor Mibo, he’s got it rough!



2: Armitization

While the animation for Armitization in the games was gorgeous, nothing compares to seeing it animated for the show. The first time he embraces Lailah’s power and fights the Hellions is iconic and stunning.


1: Sorey being the Shepherd

The hero of the story accepting his fate and duty—nothing can be more dramatic or significant than this moment. For Sorey, this duty requires the support of his closest friend, Mikleo, and the new ones they’ve made along the way. Each time he recruits a new Seraphim companion or saves those in need, shows that he’s growing to become the Shepherd this world needs. But the biggest, most epic showdown? When he comes up against The Lord of Calamity!


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