Wolf Children Joins The Hosoda Collection

Beloved tearjerker and instant classic anime film Wolf Children is joining the Hosoda Collection—and now you can get a sneak peek of what’s in this release!

Just like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars’ releases, this release is in our anime shop’s premiere line of Blu-ray/DVD + Ultraviolet releases commemorates the works of internationally acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda. (Pre-order now—release date is March 14!)


Wolf Children Hosoda Beauty Spread

The Wolf Children release includes a 52-page artbook with interviews with the director and staff—learn the creative background behind how this film was concepted and created! Like all Hosoda Collection releases, this one comes with a handsome clear sleeve that unveils the main artwork.


Wolf Children Hosoda 3D Mock


The artbook includes interviews with many of the principal staff and voice actors, as well as concept art, sketches, and storyboards. Interviewees include:


–          Mamoru Hosoda, Director

–          Takaaki Yamashita, Animation Director

–          Aoi Miyazaki, voice of Hana

–          Takao Osawa, voice of the Wolf Man

–          Bunta Sugawara, voice of Nirasaki

–          Haru Kuroki, voice of Yuki

–          Yukito Nishii, voice of Ame

–          Satoko Okudera, screenwriter

–          Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, character designer (of Evangelion fame)

–          Masakatsu Takagi, composer



Check out these preview pages below!


Yuki Wolf Children Background Character Page The Making Of Wolf Children Page


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