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Actor Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian

Murder, mystery, and one hell of a butler: Today we’re announcing a brand new license addition to all fans of Victorian finery, demon butlers, and juicy revenge stories—the Black Butler live action movie, comes to Blu-ray and DVD this May 2nd!

Black Butler Live Action Box Art

Inspired by the original manga and anime series, the Black Butler live action movie brings back Sebastian, played by smoldering Japanese actor Hiro Mizushima (whom J-drama fans will remember from otherikemen/handsome boy roles in Absolute Boyfriend and Hana Kimi), as the familiar demon butler, now in the employ of an orphaned descendent of the Phantomhive family.

Actor Hiro Mizushima as Sebastian

He’s out to do what demon butlers do best—bring revenge for his master—in a new story with a lot of elements fans of the original Black Butler will find familiar: demonic conspiracies, evil syndicates, Sebastian petting cats.

Live Action Tanaka Live Action Mey Rin

The movie is up for pre-order now and features both Japanese with English subs and an English dub, with many of the original English cast for the anime returning! J. Michael Tatum reprises his role as the ever-so-eerily-handsome Sebastian, and many actresses and actors play similar roles to their anime counterparts. For example, Brina Palencia plays our protagonist, the stoic and vengeful orphaned earl and heir to the Phantomhive family, Kiyoharu Genpo. Check out the cast below!

Black Butler Live Action Key Art

English Cast

  • Sebastian – J. Michael Tatum (Sebastian in the original Black Butler)
  • Kiyoharu Genpo – Brina Palencia (Ciel Phantomhive in the original Black Butler)
  • Hanae Wakatsuki – Lydia MacKay (Madam Red in the original Black Butler)
  • Rin – Monica Rial (Mey-Rin in the original Black Butler)
  • Narrator – Ian Sinclair (Bardroy in the original Black Butler)
  • Akashi – Christopher R. Sabat
  • Anthony – Anthony Bowling
  • Aoki – Newton Pittman
  • Kujo – Kent Williams
  • Matsumiya – Zach Bolton
  • Nekoma – Cris George
  • Charles Bennett Sato – Alex Organ
  • Tokizawa – Robert McCollum

You can pre-order the movie NOW on the Funimation shop here! 


Inspired by the hit anime series Black Butler, this live-action adaptation brings an all-new story featuring a familiar demon butler doing what butlers do best: helping their masters seek revenge.

The Black Butler is back—and there’s an all-new mystery to be solved. An alarming number of dignitaries from all over the world have turned up mummified with no clues about their murders except for a mysterious calling card, a tarot card, left behind at every crime scene.

This time, Sebastian serves Earl Kiyoharu Genpo. Together, they’re up to some familiar antics. There’s the mind-boggling mummy mystery that needs to be solved, plus there’s a more personal mystery involving Kiyoharu that needs to be solved as well. The two could possibly be linked, so it’ll take one hell of a butler to figure it out!