Our Top Sexy Demon Boys

This list was contributed by Funimation copywriter Lauren Baughman!


The Betrayal Knows My Name is a story filled with action, mystical powers, and a devotion that has survived many life times…not to mention gorgeous demon boys!

Two young men, Yuki and Luka, brought together by a cruel destiny will fight side by side to defeat the darkness that seeks to destroy the world. With the impending release of this series, it’s got us thinking about those beautiful demon boys…a lot. I mean, just look at Luka!

To celebrate the revival of sexy demon boys, we want to share our personal favorites. See if any of your favorites made the list!




Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss has the power to protect, looks that could kill, and he can cook—he’s definitely on our list. Who wouldn’t want to live with this beautiful fox demon? Sure, he’s got an attitude, but we can let that slide!


Kyo Usui


Heir to the Tengu Clan and completely devoted to his beloved, we would love to be promised to this sexy demon! Kyo Usui from Black Bird—a series that has not yet made it to anime, which is a crime—checks all the boxes. Protective, strong, and willing to do what it takes for love, what more could you ask for?


Sadao Maou


Ok yes, he may be the Devil, but he’s a handsome one! Sadao Maou from The Devil Is a Part-Timer is the loveable, responsible, and albeit little overdramatic King of Darkness we can’t help but love. And he even has a respectable job!


Kurama and Hiei


With two handsome demons in Yu Yu Hakusho, we couldn’t pick just one! So we’re putting both Kurama and Hiei on the list. Powerful and elegant Kurama with his roses is one foxy demon that’s absolutely breathtaking! And while Hiei may be a little on the short side, you can’t deny his ability to knock out anyone who gets in his way.


Sesshomaru and Inuyasha

sesshomaru-inuyasha inuyasha-inuyasha

It’s hard to pick between these two yokai brothers! The elegant and cold Sesshomaru or the brash, hot-headed Inuyasha? You can’t deny the beauty that Sesshomaru brings to the table, but even Inuyasha has some appealing qualities.


Luka Crosszeria


Of course we have to put Luka on our list! Between his outfit, perfect body, and badass fighting skills, we are in love. Plus, he comes with the cutest little companion—Sodom! Patient, understanding, and strong, you can’t deny he’s not an ideal demon.


Sebastian Michaelis


Last, and certainly not least, we’ve picked one hell of a favorite. He can cook, clean, brew one sensational pot of tea, and keep everything in perfect order. Not to mention how much power he has! Have you seen how he wields a butter knife?



There are so many sexy demon boys out there—who do you love the most? Tell us in the comments! And be sure to bring home The Betrayal Knows My Name available for pre-order now.


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