Code Geass: Akito the Exiled English Cast Recap

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The OVA series of Code Geass, Akito the Exiled, is finally coming out to anime Blu-ray and DVD this June in North America and it is getting a dub! Many long-time fans have wondered who would voice new and classic characters, but wonder no more, for the cast is here.




Akito Hyuga  Leila Malcal
VA: Micah Solusod VA: Jeannie Tirado
charactercards_akito charactercards_leila
Yukiya Naruse Ryo Sayama
VA: Aaron Dismuke VA: Ricco Fajardo
charactercards_yukiya charactercards_ryo
Ayano Kosaka Ashley Akira
VA: Elizabeth Maxwell VA: Joel McDonald
charactercards_ayano charactercards_ashley
Jean Rowe Shin Hyuga
VA: Jad Saxton VA: Alex Organ
charactercards_jean charactercards_shin
Suzaku Kururugi C.C.
VA: Yuri Lowenthal VA: Kate Higgins
charactercards_suzaku charactercards_cc
General Smilas – Christopher R. Sabat Claus Warwick– Ian Sinclair
Anna Clement – Bryn Apprill Ioan Malcal – J. Michael Tatum
Julius Kingsley VA: Johnny Yong Bosch

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