Seven Deadly Sins – English Cast


Funimation recently announced the acquisition of Seven Deadly Sins! And with the home video releases on the way, we also have the English Dub cast to share with you!


When Holy Knights arrest her family, Princess Elizabeth seeks out a group of legendary warriors known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Finding them is no easy task and her journey takes her to a small tavern run by an unassuming, albeit perverted, barkeep and his talking pig. But this man reveals himself to be Meliodas—the Dragon Sin of Wrath! Agreeing to help her, the two seek out the remaining sins.


English Version Production by – Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Inc.

Producer – Eric P. Sherman

English Voice Director – Chris Cason


Meliodas / Love Helm – Bryce Papenbrook

Hawk – Cristina Vee

Elizabeth / Liz – Erika Harlacher

Gilthunder – Robbie Daymond

Diane – Erica Mendez

Ban – Ben Diskin

King – Max Mittelman

Howzer – Ray Chase

Alan / Gowther – Erik Scott Kimerer

Hendrickson – Kaiji Tang

Helbram – Kyle McCarley

Merlin / Sennett – Lauren Landa

Dreyfus – Taylor Henry