Funimation Acquires “Record of Lodoss War”

We’re excited to announce today that Funimation has acquired the rights to Record of Lodoss Warreleasing on 7/18/17! This release will include both the original OVA series as well as the TV series on DVD only, both features include the original 1990’s CPM dubs!

Keep an eye out for pre-orders going live soon for:


Record of Lodoss War – Complete OVA series BD/DVD Combo
Chronicles of the Heroic Knight – The Complete Series – DVD


BS-XXXXX 110546C1B [Converted]



Recognized as one of the pioneers of high fantasy anime, Record of Lodoss War made its claim among worldwide audiences with a rich RPG storyline and early musical pieces by Yoko Kanno.


Born to a banished knight in a land torn by war, young Parn and a ragtag team of adventurers set out to restore peace to the island of Lodoss. But the path is not an easy one. Presiding over all is the Grey Witch, whose bent for neutrality gives the heroes no peace. Meanwhile, in the cursed land of Marmo, an evil sorcerer seeks the destructive power of an ancient goddess. The ensuing battles cost the lives of many a friend and foe, until a brave new generation of heroes rises to face the sinister enemies once and for all.



Japanese Actor – Character

Takeshi Kusao – Parn

Yumi Touma – Deedlit

Norio Wakamoto – Woodchuck

Hideyuki Tanaka – Slayn

Kappei Yamaguchi – Etoh

Yoshiko Sakakibara – Karla

Shuichi Ikeda – King Kashue

Takeshi Aono – Wagnard


English Actor – Character

Bill Timoney – Parn

Lisa Ortiz – Deedlit

Jacques LeCann – Woodchuck

Al Muscari – Slayn

Ted Lewis – Etoh

Simone Grant – Karla

Chris Yates – King Kashue

Bruce Winant – Wagnard