Shin Godzilla Comes To Blu-ray in August!



The world’s favorite kaiju is finally arriving on North American shores! Shin Godzilla is coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on August 1st this year. The Toho remake comes in a beautiful box set with an embossed outer covering. Inside the set comes the original sub, a new dub, and extras! See the all-star English cast below!


godzilla-pr-3 shin-godzilla-still-8


YAGUCHI Todd Haberkorn
KAYOCO Trina Nishimura
AKASAKA J. Michael Tatum
OKOUCHI Kent Williams
YASUDA Ian Sinclair
SHIMURA Micah Solusod
MORI Christopher Bevins
AZUMA Ed Blaylock
IZUMI Jeremy Inman
HAZAMA Jeremy Schwartz
SATOMI Charlie Campbell
YANAGIHARA R. Bruce Elliott
HANAMORI Rachel Robinson
KORIYAMA Barry Yandell
TANBA David Wald
SEKIGUCHI John Burgmeier
ADR Director Cris George
ADR Supervisor Domonique French
Assistant ADR Engineer Brian Leonard
Ryan Urbanovsky
Matt Grounds
Jeremy Woods
Peter Hawkinson
Austin Sisk
Mixing Engineer Adrian Cook



While we wait for the Blu-ray release, you can see the big guy at special official screenings through the summer. We’ll be adding more updates as we get them!


Famous Monsters Convention – See Shin Godzilla for the first time on the big screen since the theatrical run in October. Also special guests Shinji Higuchi (co-director) & Keiichi Sakurai (special effects cinematographer) will be there for Q&A!


Saturday – 5/27/17 4pm Lonestar Ballroom B Shin Godzilla Screening
Saturday – 5/27/17 6pm Lonestar Ballroom B Q&A with Shinji Higuchi & Keiichi Sakurai
Sunday – 5/28/17 10:20am Lonestar Ballroom B Attack on Titan pt 1 – Q&A to with Shinji Higuchi and Keiichi Sakurai to follow immediately
Sunday – 5/28/17 1:30pm Lonestar Ballroom B Attack on Titan pt 2
Sunday – 5/28/17 2:30pm Lonestar Ballroom A3&4 Shin Godzilla Screening