Fruits Basket Finally Comes to Blu-ray—with a Special Anniversary Release!

One of the most beloved and influential shoujo series of all time, Fruits Basket was instrumental in launching the genre in North America—and soon you’ll finally be able to re-experience this classic in gorgeous high definition! Fruits Basket is coming to Blu-ray, with a special anniversary release.

fruits basket-anniversary-edition_3d-mock_approved

The Fruits Basket Sweet Sixteen Anniversary Edition (on shelves August 1, but pre-order it now!) uses high definition video materials created in Japan, as well as a rigid chipboard collector’s box with brand-new artwork that was used in the recent Japanese Blu-ray release of the series, and is not available anywhere else. For authenticity, and on request from the creators, we have recreated the same cover and artwork treatment from the Japanese version for the North American release, so you’ll get the same experience as those fans!

fruits basket-beauty

The anniversary edition doesn’t just come in a pretty box—it also includes a four-sided digipak with some classic artwork, as well as a lovely set of 12 art cards, perfect for framing and displaying your love for Fruits Basket.

In addition to physical extras, the set also includes a plethora of on-disc extra features, including:

  • Episode Video Commentary
  • Fruits Basket Room features
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Akitaroh Daichi (director) Interview
  • Eyecatch Galleries
  • English Cast Interview
  • Illustration Gallery
  • Outtakes
  • English Closing Theme and Auditions
  • Textless Songs

Show your love for this classic, now in its perfect form for the ideal viewing experience—add the Fruits Basket Blu-ray to your anime collection today! Standard edition without the chipboard box is also available as well.