Important Update on Speed Racer Home Video

We’re extremely excited about bringing Speed Racer to fans, and pre-orders from our anime shop have already been moving fast! Owning the complete series of Speed Racer on anime Blu-ray and DVD is a great way to see it again, or introduce new fans to this loved title.


For both of these packages, we’re including the original 52 episodes of Speed Racer, with the English audio from the 1967 broadcast run. Fans will note there is an error on the Blu-ray packaging only, as it indicates Japanese audio with English subtitles is also present – this is incorrect. The DVD packaging has the correct audio indicated.


We correct this issue on future prints of the packaging for the Blu-ray version, although some copies will be released with the incorrect audio/subtitle indication. For any fans that have issues or questions about this release, you’re welcome to contact our Customer Service team.


And, for fans still looking for more, we have the collectors’ edition including both Speed Racer and Mach GoGoGo releasing later this year! Stay tuned for more Speed Racer news!