Notable Moments from the Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Movie Livestream Event

Last week, fans around the world, including ones from English-speaking countries, joined together for a special livestream of announcements about the new Tokyo Ghoul film. You can view the original livestream video here or below in the blog among the more notable comments made!


Tokyo Ghoul_B1_poster_OL

Comment from Producer Nagae

When I read Tokyo Ghoul, I was struck by the realistic and authentic story of the protagonist. I became a fan, and as I continued to read, my desire to make this into a live-action grew until finally I presented the proposal to Mr. Ishida and the publishers.


Comment from original manga artist Sui Ishida

How did you feel about the decision to make a live-action version of your work?

I felt that I wanted Mr. Kubota to play the hero, Kaneki. The first time I saw Mr. Kubota, I had thought, if Tokyo Ghoul were to have a live action, I would want him to act Kaneki.


Comment from actor for Kaneki, Masataka Kubota

Mr. Kubota, how did you feel when you were asked to play Kaneki, the hero of this work?

It was a surprise. I thought it was my responsibility to play this role to present a message about the problems that we encounter in life, in a way that is possible only in entertainment.


Comment from director Kentaro Hagiwara

I would recommend for viewers to focus on is the high quality acting by the performers. I feel it is quite difficult to portray manga characters because actors must balance being true to the original image as well as portraying some sense of reality in the live-action. In that sense, all the actors and especially Kubota-san challenged the limit in balancing the two factors, making me realize that this type of acting was possible, and I very much enjoyed his performance.




There are some major names among the artists for the music behind Tokyo Ghoul’s live-action movie, including Western talent from some significant Hollywood films!

  • The soundtrack for Tokyo Ghoul is composed by Don Davis, who has worked on the Matrix trilogy.
  • Special sound effects are created by Nicolas Becker, who has worked on Batman Begins, Arrival and more.
  • Yojiro Noda, lead singer of Radwimps which produced the music for award-winning film Your Name., is providing the theme song “Banka” through his solo project illion.

World premiere

We’re pleased and honored to report that Tokyo Ghoul’s world premiere will take place in America, at Anime Expo in Los Angeles on July 3! Date, time and special guests will be confirmed at a later date.