New Limited Editions Bring You More Bang For Your Buck – Testament of Sister New Devil and SERVAMP

We know a lot of you fans out there don’t just buy anime to rewatch the episodes, but to actually own a shelf-worthy piece of your favorite shows, that embodies your love for the series and satisfies your inner collector.  Over the last year, we’ve been reading/listening to your comments on Funimation’s limited edition releases in forums, social media, and at conventions, and based on your feedback, today we’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out a new style of limited editions to better meet your collecting needs!


The short of it is: look out for more art books and collector’s items in upcoming limited editions, in a more shelf-friendly size, including The Testament of Sister New Devil and SERVAMP, available for pre-order now!

The long of it: in reading a lot of your comments, we noticed a few recurring asks on the configurations of our limited editions:
  1. We definitely noticed a demand for more content and artwork in each release. We also noticed many of you ask specifically for art books—and in fact this was the most-requested addition that we saw or heard.
  2. You’re looking for a good value, and with a high-end limited edition, you want more for your dollar.
  3. You guys collect a LOT of anime, and shelf space is a concern. Why include two disc cases in a set for a single-cours show?


Our new limited edition style makes a couple changes to accommodate this feedback, namely:
  1. All limited editions in this new style include at least a 20-page art book! In cases where we receive more art materials from our Japanese partners, this number may increase even more.
  2. The footprint of the limited edition box is changing—one-cours series will include one disc case plus the art book, stored in a slimmer collector’s chipboard box. Not only does this take up less shelf space, but eliminating the case also lets us bring you more content, like the art book. Two-cours series will still keep the same box width (although slightly wider to accommodate the art book), to store Part One and Part Two.
  3. In addition to the art book, all new limited editions will still also include an additional exclusive item—things like art cards, fabric posters, charms, stickers, etc.


The first two titles with this change are The Testament of Sister New Devil (season one) and SERVAMP. We’ll be rolling out additional limited editions over time, and will continue to update you on which titles use this new style.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in these new limited editions!


The Testament of Sister New Devil

testament-of-new-sister-devil-beauty spread
This limited edition is for all lovers of beautiful, sexy demon girls, and the key addition in this set is lots of really seductive artwork (some 18+!) that isn’t available on the squeaky-clean standard edition.
  • A 20-page art book, including Japanese packaging and 18+ artwork
  • A chipboard box, also with special painterly-style artwork not seen on the standard edition
  • A large 18×24 gorgeous fabric poster of Mio


servamp_beauty spread


SERVAMP’s limited edition also focuses on its wide cast of colorful characters, and includes:
  • A whopping 40-page art book, including Japanese packaging
  • A chipboard box, featuring artwork by mangaka Tanaka Strike with a striking holographic foil effect
  • A set of 10 holographic chibi character stickers, presented in a matching envelope
What do you think about the new format? Let us know in the comments, and you can preorder The Testament of Sister New Devil and SERVAMP today!