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Alamo Drafthouse brings AKIRA to theaters this September!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will be playing the anime classic AKIRA (subbed as well as English dubbed) in 22 different locations this September!

Famous Anime With Characters Named After Famous Japanese Ships in KanColle

The idea of basing anime characters off of Japanese warships is actually nothing new. Here are some anime series whose characters are named for famous ships that also appear in KanColle!

Conventions 2017: San Japan

This Labor Day Weekend, join the team for a weekend of fun at San Japan in San Antonio!

Funimation Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is enormous and continues to impact people across the Gulf, and we want to help.

“I’ve always been searching…” Your Name. Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Preview

We’re ecstatic to announce that Your Name. is up for pre-order now and hitting shelves November 7—and we have a special preview of EVERYTHING in the Your Name. limited edition now!

Dragon Ball Super – Universe 6 & 7 tournament English cast announcement

Goku and the fighters of Universe 7 take on new opponents from Universe 6 in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super tournament coming to Toonami! Check out the new characters and their English voice actors!

Conventions 2017: Crunchyroll Expo

We’re heading to the Santa Clara Convention Center this weekend for the first-ever Crunchyroll Expo! Read the details!

Check Out FunimationNow’s Refreshed Xbox One App!

The FunimationNow Xbox One app has been revamped to better suit your viewing needs! Our completely redesigned (and free!) app has tons of great new features, including: A new video player with clearer video, less buffering Easier navigation so...

New One Piece TV Special “Episode of East Blue” Coming to FunimationNow

We are excited to announce that the upcoming One Piece TV special, Episode of East Blue, will simulcast for US & Canadian subscribers on FunimationNow this weekend!

Conventions 2017: AnimeFest in Our Own Backyard

Funimation stays home in the heart of Texas this weekend for AnimeFest 2017.

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