Introducing FunimationNow’s Refreshed PlayStation 4 App!

blogpost_headerYou spoke, and we listened. The FunimationNow PlayStation 4 app has been revamped to dramatically improve your viewing experience! Our completely redesigned (and free!) app has tons of great new features, including:


  • Premium subscribers – access all app features and the full library of SimulDub and catalog streaming anime that is available on Most videos will stream without ads.
  • Free – watch limited videos with ad support. Gain access to mature-rated videos, My Queue, and a saved watch history.
  • Anonymous – preview the app and watch limited videos with ad support.



  • The app uses the PS4 software keyboard. This enables the use of a USB or Bluetooth connected keyboard, the use of the PS4 mobile app, and allows you to use previously entered words to assist with logging in and with search.
  • Use the controller to help you get around the app faster with the below shortcuts:
    1. R1 and L1 skips every 5 items in a list.
    2. Pushing L1 when at the beginning of a list goes immediately to the end of the list, and pushing R1 when at the end of a list goes immediately to the beginning.
    3. Pushing R2 or L2 while on a Shows list sorted alphabetically will skip to the first show beginning with the next letter of the alphabet.
    4. Pushing R2 or L2 while on a list of videos on a Show Detail screen skips to the next or previous season. (You can also move to any season via a Season chooser dropdown.)


  • You can fully control the app using the PS4 Universal Remote. FWD Scan and REV Scan are mapped to R2 and L2. Next and Prev are mapped to R1 and L1.

Search & Browse

  • Home – the Home screen helps you start streaming immediately and gives suggestions for what to watch next:
    1. Featured Shows list
    2. Continue Watching – a list of your most recently watched shows, so you can pick up where you left off as soon as you load up the app no matter what you were watching on previously.
    3. My Queue – the top shows in your Queue. You can control the order of these shows from your account on
    4. Recently Added – a list of the most recent SimulDub and catalog releases. You can access the full list from the Shows screen.ou
    5. Lists of shows from the Action/Adventure, Sci Fi, Fan Service, and Slice of Life genres.
  • Shows, SimulDubs, and Genres – Browse the SimulDubs, a particular anime genre, or the full list of shows. Each Shows list screen displays information about each show, including the latest release. You can sort the Show list screens by latest release, show name (A-Z), show name (Z-A) or by popularity.
  • Search – Search for a show using the PS4 software keyboard, which saves previously used search terms. Search results are presented with other relevant data, including show summary, production year, maturity rating, and highest available video quality.
  • Show Detail – You’ll be able to immediately begin watching a show from where you left off as soon as the screen is loaded. However, you can also add the show to your Queue, rate it, or browse through the list of episodes or movies. Pushing R2 or L2 lets you skip to each season!


Settings & Information

  • Settings – watch anime your way with the below settings:
    1. Video Quality – Set the video quality to best fit your setup. You can choose from auto, low, medium, or high.
    2. Default Language – You can set this to English or Japanese. The app will override this setting appropriately if you watch in multiple languages.
    3. Subtitles – Sets the soft subtitles (Japanese Audio), when available, to on or off. This setting is on by default.
    4. Closed Captions – Sets the closed captions (English Audio), when available, to on or off. This setting is off by default.
    5. Auto-Play (Marathon) – Only available to Premium subscribers. Turn this on to stream episodes in a playlist for up to 3 hours with no interaction.
    6. Restrict Mature Content – Restricts access to mature-rated videos. You can only manage this setting from your account at
  • Check your subscription plan and account info, read the terms of service and privacy policy, and get a description of the app and the version number.
  • Help – Look to the controller guide for tricks on navigating and controlling the app, but there is also a legend at the bottom of each screen. You can also refer to the FAQ for other information.


Video Player

  • PS4 Universal Remote Support! In addition to the PS4 buttons on the remote, you can use the video playback buttons on the remote to control the player. Pushing Stop will exit the player immediately, even when the controls are displayed. See the below control table.
  • Player Controls:
Function PS4 Controller PS4 Remote
Move around the player controls Directional buttons; Left stick Directional buttons
Play / Pause X Button X Button, Enter, Play, Pause
Restart the video L1 Prev |<<
Skip to the next video R1 Next  >>|
Push to skip back 10 seconds; Push and hold to rewind L2 REV Scan <<
Push to skip forward 10 seconds; Push and hold to fast forward R2 FWD Scan >>
Hide UI / Exit the Player Circle Button Circle Button
Exit the Player Stop
Add Show to Queue / Remove Show from Queue Square Button Square Button
Display player options OPTIONS OPTIONS

General Player Functionality

  • The video quality is automatically adjusted based on your internet connection download speed to avoid buffering during playback.
  • The video player will resume from where you left off (per language/version) and will restart a video automatically if you’ve already finished it.
  • The video player controls will automatically appear during the first couple seconds of playback and then disappear. You can bring up the UI by pushing the directional buttons. The UI will disappear on its own after a few seconds, including when it is paused, if you stop interacting with it, but you can dismiss it manually by pushing Circle.
  • Relevant data for the video you are watching is displayed, including language and version.
  • If you have Auto-Play (Marathon) enabled, a 10-second countdown will appear after the end of the video, and then the player will automatically begin playing the next video. Marathoning will stop and the player will automatically exit if the next video is not the same language and version as what you just watched, when it has finished the last sequential video, or when it has been 3 hours without interaction from you.
  • If the video has soft subtitles or closed captions, and you bring up the video player controls, the soft subtitles or closed captions will jump out of the way, so you can still read them.
  • The look of the closed captions and soft subtitles can be managed from the PS4 settings.


Player Options

  • Change the language
  • Turn the soft subtitles or closed captions on and off (when available)
  • Rate the video

Get the most out of your PlayStation 4 now. There’s a world of anime waiting to be watched anytime, anywhere.