Sneak Peek at October/November Limited Edition Home Video Releases!

Last week, we announced our slate for November 2017 new home video release titles—which has turned into one of our biggest months EVER for new releases and limited editions to our anime shop! Today we’re delving more in-depth to give you a thorough sneak peek at all the artwork and extras packed into some of these limited editions.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans


Announced at Anime Expo, Gundam IBO is Funimation’s first home video entry in the long-running and classic Gundam mecha franchise (many of you may have watched the dub on Toonami!), and we’re pulling out all the stops on this one. In addition to standard edition releases of Season One Part One and Season One Part Two, we’re also offering a combined limited edition of the complete Season One with the following inclusions:


  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season One, Parts One and Two anime Blu-ray and DVD
  • Exclusive “HG (High Grade) 1/144 Scale GUNDAM BARBATOS + SMOOTHBORE GUN [METALLIC GLOSS INJECTION]” Gunpla model kit. This is a specific metallic gloss version of this Gunpla model that is ONLY available in the Funimation release and is a limited run that will not be reprinted, so this is a rare item! It’s not even going to be available in Japan.1/144 Scale GUNDAM BARBATOS Gunpla Set
  • Collector’s chipboard box with room for both Season One, Parts One and Two and the next releases of Season Two, Parts One and Two. This release is the ONLY way to get the collector’s box for the entire series!inneronly
  • Art book, featuring illustrations from Japanese releases and specials
  • Two of the extra boxes in the packaging that can double as diorama backdrops to display your finished Gunpla in front of—one with an industrial hatch design, the other with a space backdrop
  • All housed in a larger box featuring Gundam Barbatos artworkMobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Limited Edition Box
  • Episodes 1-25 (the complete season one, parts one and two)


Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Limited Edition


Coming to Blu-ray and DVD November 14!


91 Days


Something of a sleeper hit, 91 Days made many top seasonal anime lists when it was first streamed, and for good reason—this dark mafia action series features a gripping revenge story full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s also set in Prohibition-Era America, which is kind of a nice treat for Western fans familiar with American history!

This set is part of our new line of higher-value limited editions (all of which contain an artbook; check out our announcement from last month), and includes:


  • A textured collector’s chipboard box
  • 40 page companion guidebook with artwork, character profiles, and a ton of background information related to the show about Prohibition, the Chicago mafia, the accurate period firearms featured in the series, etc
  • Set of 6 art cards featuring art from the series
  • Episodes 1-12 of the complete series, plus the never-before-streamed episode 13 follow-up and extras!
    • Day 4 Commentary
    • 91 Daze
    • Promo Video Collection
    • Web Previews
    • Trailers




Coming to Blu-ray and DVD November 14!


Myriad Colors Phantom World


Any Kyoto Animation fans out there? Myriad Colors Phantom World previously simulcast on Crunchyroll and was noteworthy for being a particularly fun, bouncy, and magical installment in Kyoto Animation’s body of work. Fans of this studio (which brought you hits like Haruhi, Free!, and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions) know to expect stunning animation and cute characters from this title!


  • Collector’s chipboard box
  • Set of 5 lenticular art cards. These show the characters in two different outfits, one normal and one alternate. Check out the animated preview!
  • Episodes 1-13 plus nearly an hour of extras
    • Episode 7 commentary
    • “Limitless Phantom World” extra features
    • Web previews
    • Promo video & commercial collection
    • Textless songs
    • Trailers


Coming to Blu-ray and DVD November 21!




What if you could write to the past?

Second-year student, Naho Takamiya, receives a letter from her 26-year-old self, forewarning the tragic future of a boy named Kakeru. Its advice proves true when he transfers to her school, but Kakeru’s dark past keeps him from opening up to anyone. As Naho and a close group of friends try to change his future, will their combined efforts be enough to prevent the greatest regret of their lives?

Limited Edition Includes:

  • Collector’s chipboard box
  • Art Cards
  • Art book with letters from the English voice actors and writers
  • Episodes 1 – 13 + extras
    • Textless songs
    • Trailers
    • Promo videos




Coming to Blu-ray and DVD October 17!




One of the highly-rated slice of life, school anime is finally coming to anime Blu-ray and DVD & Digital HD!

ReLIFE was one of the first shows that Funimation and Crunchyroll shared with one another last year. ReLIFE is about Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year-old loser who just wants to get his life together. When he meets a member of the ReLife Research Institute, he’s offered a mysterious pill that will help him do just that. But is this a promise for change or a chance at disaster?

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this anime animated by TMS Entertainment that brought you Orange, Kamisama Kiss, D.Gray-man, and more!


  • Chipboard box featuring character art
  • 4-panel digipak featuring art from the Japanese Blu-ray volume releases
  • Set of 7 character art cards with bios inside of a ReLife Laboratory branded envelope


relife beauty spread

Coming to Blu-ray and DVD October 10!

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