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One of anime’s favorite supernatural figures is the vampire- the (typically) charming and blood-loving undead being that hates garlic and sunlight. SERVAMP, which is chock full of the cutest vampires we’ve seen in awhile, is coming out to Blu-ray/DVD this October, so we’re devoting an anime list to our favorite anime vampires! Check it out below.




Sleepy Ash – The Cutest Vampire

A SERVAMP is a servant vampire that serves a human that they are supernaturally bound to after the human gives the vampire a name and a present. These SERVAMPS are pretty different from your standard fare of vampires as they turn into animals when the sunlight hits them, have armies of humans bound to them by making them drink THEIR blood, and they’re bound to humans. However they have amazing fighting powers and, as stated before, they are the cutest vampires!

Sleepy Ash is our favorite SERVAMP as he doesn’t want to do mean vampire things like kill humans. He just wants to chill and eat junk food! And he turns into the cutest cat named Kuro. But when cornered, he knows how to bring out the claws.



Trinity Blood

Abel Nightroad – The Most Pious Vampire

In the post-apocalyptic world of Trinity Blood, vampires (Methuselah) and humans war against each other where the Vatican fights for the humans and the New Human Empire fights for the Methuselah. One of the main warriors of the Vatican is Father Nightroad, the kindly, clumsy, and unassuming priest that turns into the one of the most powerful vampire hunters.

When time calls he activates the nanomachines in his body that turn him into a sadistic and dangerous vampire that thirsts for Methuselah blood with the power to destroy towns. Everything he does is to stop evil vampires and for penance of his past in the memory of his past lover, Lilith.




Alucard – The Most Badass Vampire

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t include this guy in our list of favorite vampires. Charming? Check. Stylish? Check. Powerful? Double check.

Alucard is  the most powerful warrior of the Hellsing Organization which works against vampires and other such supernatural forces. Although many try, none can take him down. Hell, he’ll even give you a chance to take him down, all the while delivering verbal jabs and taunting how weak you are. Vampires that see the red shades should just turn the other way and run.



Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando – The Most Evil Vampire

WRRRRRYYY!! Only evil vampires make that sound, and the leader of evil vampires is best known for that.

Starting out as a very mean and evil boy- he kills his father, tortures his foster family mentally, and tries to kill his foster father to take his inheritance-  he becomes a vampire through an ancient Aztecan mask that transforms him into an immortal and powerful vampire. Armed with a strong will to survive and take over the world, he makes a vampire/zombie army that can only be killed with sunlight-infused attacks, Hamon. With his ambitions, he near takes over the world… until the Joestar family stops him! Through his genius, he comes back again to try his hand at world domination.



Black Blood Brothers

Jiro – The Most Family-Oriented Vampire


I’m not going to lie, Jiro from Black Blood Brothers makes me think of other famous vampires, but he brings these elements together to make an amazing vampire slayer. From the all-red getup that is all the rage with vampires, to the sword made of silver that slices and dices evil, to the vampire that does his best to not drink blood from innocents, BBB takes facets that work and puts them together in a classic series.


What makes our main character Jiro different though, is his love for his brother who is kidnapped. Jiro picks up his silver blade in the fight against waves of vampires (the Kowloon Children) to save humans and his younger brother.



Blood +

Haji – The Most Suave Vampire


Haji is a man of few words, but when you’re as cool as him, you truly don’t need to say much. His life’s purpose is to protect and aid Saya, the awakening Queen of the Chiropterans- bat-like, monstrous vampires that feeds on blood- who takes it upon herself to stop the monsters with her special abilities. As Saya’s chevalier and lover-from-the-distance, he takes it upon himself to shield Saya from physical and emotional danger, even sacrificing his body when needed. Always loyal, he takes it upon himself to complete every wish of Saya, while helping her to become a better person. Also he can play the cello which is always bonus points.




Seraph of the End

Mikaela Hyakuya – The Most Human Vampire

In a world where most adult humans are killed off in a mysterious attack, vampires have taken over and life is pretty bleak for most humans, especially for our boy Mika who is originally human but becomes a vampire against his will, as most of his family is sliced up by vampires in front of him as he dies. Even through that, he does his best to maintain his humanity.

Vampires in this world need blood in order to access their supernatural abilities like regenerating and super strength, but Mika does all he can to stave off becoming a vampire by not drinking human blood. Through the series, he aims to fight against unjust vampires and humans in order to protect his surviving family.



What do you think of this anime list? Vampires are all the rage this October for a good reason, especially now that SERVAMP is coming out on Blu-ray/DVD; cute animals AND badass vampires with compelling backstories, sign me up! Tell us who (or what) your favorite anime vampires are in the comments.


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