How to Put Together Your Own Tokyo Ghoul Paper Craft Mask

Every Ghoul needs a mask! Now you can make your own just like Ken Kaneki’s and bring it to Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie!



Tickets are already on sale, so grab yours now before they run out. The movie will be in select theaters October 16-22 – buy tickets here! Like the mask? Thank our awesome partners in Japan for designing this cool paper craft.


Download the printable file here, and follow the instructions below!

Gather your materials:

  • Your mask, printed on a piece of 11×17” cardstock paper, double-sided
  • X-ACTO knife
  • Pair of scissors
  • 3 thin rubber bands


This image shows the front side (the side where you see the teeth)


  1. Cut out your pieces (with the front side facing up)



With the front side (side with teeth) facing you, cut along the thin white borders of each of the 6 pieces with a pair of scissors or X-ACTO knife.



You should have a total of 6 pieces (5 large pieces, and 1 small zipper piece). Be careful not to lose the zipper piece! From the top, these are pieces [C], [A], zipper [F], [E], [D], and [B]. They should be labeled on the back.



With the front side face up, cut along the other white lines with an X-ACTO knife (many of these will be slots for pieces to fit into).



After the additional cuts, they should look like below (the back side is shown for all here).




  1. Fold along the dashed lines



For every dashed line on the back, look at the label and fold either a mountain fold…

tg_img_008 tg_img_009


…or a valley fold.

tg_img_010 tg_img_011


After folding the 5 pieces with dashed lines, your pieces should look like this:



  1. Assemble the mask by putting the matching parts together



3.1. On piece [A], slide the pieces labeled [1] together so that the number [1] does not show

tg_img_014 tg_img_015 tg_img_016


3.2. Next, on piece [B], slide tab [2] from the back side into slot [2] (it says “[2]” on the backside). Slide tab [3] from the back side into slot [3] as well

tg_img_017 tg_img_018


Afterwards, it should look like this:



3.3. Now to put all 6 pieces together



Grab pieces [C], [D], and [E]



Put tab [6] of piece [C] with the flaps down into slot [6] of piece [D] from the front side. Open the flaps on the back side so it’s secure

tg_img_022 tg_img_023 tg_img_024


Put tab [7] of piece [C] with the flaps down into slot [7] of piece [E] from the front side. Make sure the flaps are open on the back

tg_img_025 tg_img_026


After putting [6] and [7] in, you should have this (as seen from the back)



Next, put tab [8] of piece [C] into slot [8] of piece [A]. Make sure you open the flaps

tg_img_028 tg_img_029


Moving on, put tab [4] of piece [A] into slot [4] of piece [B] (it may be hidden by tab [2]) from the front side

tg_img_030 tg_img_031 tg_img_032


Put tab [5] of piece [A] into slot [5] of piece [B] (it may be covered by tab [3]) from the front side


tg_img_033 tg_img_034


After putting [4] and [5] in, it should look like this on the back



Put the small zipper piece [F] with tab [9] into slot [9] of piece [B] from the back

tg_img_036 tg_img_037 tg_img_038


Afterwards, it should look like this from the front:



  1. Lastly, put on the rubber bands



Slide in a rubber band into the slits at the end of part [D] and [E]

tg_img_041 tg_img_042 tg_img_043


Put a rubber band through the holes of pieces [A] and [B] on the right side



Pull the rubber band section from the back through the section in front and tighten

tg_img_045 tg_img_046


Repeat for the left side and you’re DONE!



Show us how yours looks using #TokyoGhoulMovie!