Orange – Letters To Your Past Self

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What if you could write a letter to your past self that could change your life? Would you do it? What would it say? Would it be a warning or a letter of approval? These are some of the big questions asked in Orange, which comes out on October 17th on Blu-ray/DVD.


Below we have some letter excerpts from the Orange voice actors Micah Solusod (Kakeru), Jill Harris (Naho), and Jeannie Tirado (Takako) to their past selves!


From Micah Solusod (Kakeru):


From Jill Harris (Naho):blog_letter_2

From Jeannie Tirado (Takako): blog_letter_3

You can see the full letters in the limited edition set of Orange. Get it here on October 17th!

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