Space Patrol Luluco’s Hidden Easter Eggs from Studio Trigger


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Did you love watching Space Patrol Luluco? This wacky show was made by Studio Trigger and they’ve hidden some references to their previous works within the show. Here’s a list of some of Space Patrol Luluco’s hidden (or not so hidden) Easter eggs!


**WARNING: There are spoilers ahead for Space Patrol Luluco**


Inferno Cop


There’s quite a few references to Studio Trigger’s inferno Cop. Chief Over Justice is constantly burning with a purple flame, quite similar to Inferno Cop’s burning skull. Check out some of their similarities:

picture2 picture3
  • Police outfits: Both share the same sleek black officer outfit. Fitted with a nice pair of shades (Chief Justice’s looking very similar to another legendary pair of glasses…)
  • Skulls Engulfed in Flames: They’re both skeletons — this should be fairly obvious by first glance, but you may not have immediately noticed due to the amount of flames.

In episode 11 “I Was Clueless”, Inferno Cop himself also makes an appearance in Space Patrol Luluco, appearing to Luluco after she’s died and is wandering around the afterlife. She even initially mistakes him for Chief Justice & Inferno Cop reveals he even used to be part of the Space Patrol back in the day! Can you imagine both Inferno Cop & Chief Over Justice working together… FIGHT FOOOORRRRR JUSTICEEEEE?????



Little Witch Academia


Little Witch Academia is another show that makes a BIG appearance in Space Patrol Luluco. In episode 8 “The Trap of the Mystical Power”, Nova & Luluco find themselves arriving on ‘Magical Planet LWA’ (which clearly… is Little Witch Academia.) After landing, they run into Sucy, as well as the Sorcerer’s Stone that powers Luna Nova Academy.


There’s another small easter egg during the Inferno Cop scene from episode 11 of Luluco, where Inferno Cop uses a Little Witch Academia wand to roast some food for Luluco & himself. Although, I wonder where he got that wand in the first place?


picture5 picture6



Kill la Kill


You may have noticed hints of Kill la Kill when Luluco’s mother, Lalaco Godspeed, makes an appearance. She appears wearing a grand red cape appearing to look like life fibers, the parasitic origin of clothing from Kill la Kill. Check it out:


picture8 picture9 picture10

There’s even an episode dedicated entirely to life fibers and a planet they takeover. In episode 7 “The Trap of Fate’s Threads”, they land on planet ‘Thread-Ball Planet: KLK-X’, a planet seemingly covered in life fibers (Thread-Ball & KLK, definitely an acronym for Kill La Kill!) A villain uses the life fibers to hypnotize the gang and even takes the form of whomever they love most; for Luluco, that’s her precious Nova of course!


After taking out the villain, Luluco catches a glimpse of Kill la Kill’s favorite family dog,  Mako Makanshoku’s dog Guts! He’s having a bad time, but here he is: (I sure hope he stops having a bad time on KLK-X…)

picture11 picture12



Sex and Violence with Machspeed


If you’re familiar with Japan Animator Expo, then you’ll recognize this wacky short from Trigger’s 2015 zany Sex and Violence with Machspeed. Luluco and the gang wind up on ‘Badger Planet SVM-Z’ (which is another acronym for Sex and Violence with Machspeed) to visit the Badger Game Detective Agency in search of Ogikubo. After an eccentric interrogation from Machspeed, following a wild speed chase with Sex-chan having her head blown off, Luluco receives a heartfelt response from Sex-chan about how to approach Nova.


This entire episode is wacky from start to finish in true Sex and Violence with Machspeed style and keeps the tone of yellow throughout the episode, with only Luluco in different colors. Check out the Animator Expo short if you haven’t seen it already!


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