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Conventions 2017 – Anime NYC

The whole Funimation conventions team is back in New York this weekend! See what our conventions team members- Tara, Tim, Scott, and Alex- are bringing to Anime NYC below.         PANELS   Funimation Favorites Panel | Friday, November 17th | 3:00p-3:45p | Panel...

First Look: Keijo!!!!!!!! Limited Edition

These girls never half-ass anything.

February 2018 Home Video Releases

Show yourself some love this February with great anime Blu-ray and DVD titles available now in our anime shop! Fairy Tail Collection 11, Attack on Titan Season 2, Dragon Ball Super Part 3, Keijo!!!!!!!!, and more are sure to...

✨Myriad Colors Phantom World✨ – Kyoto Animation Feature!

In celebration of Myriad Colors Phantom World releasing, we’re celebrating five of the top things we love about Kyoto Animation!

Ace Attorney – English Dub Cast Announcement

As a brand-new defense lawyer, Phoenix Wright is learning what it means to be a true defender of justice. Meet the dub cast!

Conventions 2017 – Anime NebrasKon

Are you ready for the biggest anime party in the Midwest? We sure are! See what our conventions team members, Tara & Alex, are bringing to Anime NebrasKon this coming weekend below.   PANELS   Funimation Industry Panel | Saturday, November 11th |...

Throw Your Own “Your Name.” Watch Party✨

Whether you're watching for the first or hundredth time, it's even better with friends! Here's some ideas on how to throw your own Your Name. watch party!

Interview: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Producer

With season 2 of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans hitting Toonami airwaves—and season 1 coming to Blu-ray/DVD 11/14  —we sat down with Gundam IBO producer Masakazu Ogawa to talk about the inspiration and themes behind this dramatic and surprisingly realistic mecha...


  Each week, we're going to update you with what's going on in the Fall SimulDub JUNI TAISEN: ZODIAC WAR (which you can watch here dubbed)! But be warned that there are huge spoilers in this blog. Continue below if...

Funimation @ Play Fair 2017

This weekend, Funimation is bringing out the toys at the Play Fair at Javits Center! On November 4th, at our booth, we're hosting a giant Dragon Ball Super chalk drawing & photo opportunities with Goku and Vegeta. By Eric Maruscak   Also...

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Your Guide to the Spring 2022 Anime Season on Crunchyroll and Funimation

Spring is in the air! You know what that means. New anime is coming to Crunchyroll! This upcoming spring...