Each week, we’re going to update you with what’s going on in the Fall SimulDub JUNI TAISEN: ZODIAC WAR (which you can watch here dubbed)! But be warned that there are huge spoilers in this blog. Continue below if you dare!


Synopsis: For one wish, they’ll risk it all. The time has come for the Twelve Tournament—held every twelve years. Twelve proud warriors, each bearing a name from the Chinese zodiac, will prepare to fight in the bloody battle royale. The victor is granted a single wish, and they’ll do whatever it takes to earn it. Blood and tears will flow on this battlefield—who will be the lone survivor?

Episode One Episode Two Episode Three
Episode Four Episode Five Episode Six


Episode 1:


Before the tournament even starts, the Snake’s head is cut off- very literally- surely (not) by Rabbit who protests accusing stares by pointing a bloody machete at other competitors.


Soon after the rules of the tournament are explained, the war starts- very literally- explosively and competitors are dispersed to fight one another. The Boar, whose life story and thoughts we’ve followed thus far, squares off against the maniacal Rabbit in what should be unlimited ammo guns to a knife fight. However, Rabbit can control zombies and spears Boar with the headless Snake. It’s only episode 1 and two entrants are gone!



Episode 2:


Technically this episode starts with everyone in play as the two that were killed off are zombies…


Dog and Chicken create a tenuous alliance to fight off the impending zombie hordes. Meanwhile, we learn how Dog has his fangs at the “innocent” Chicken’s throat and how he plans to use her to get ahead of the competition. Too bad Chicken got a hold of his head…




Episode 3:


So it’s a dead dog day episode. Rat and Monkey are chillin with snacks, Boar and Snake are zombified, and most others are taking it easy. Oh yeah and Dog is dead while Chicken is at max strength!


Ox has the powerful Horse on defense in a fierce one-on-one, while Chicken takes out the machine-gun-toting zombified Boar in a very bird-themed horror movie manner, Death By Pecking (dun dun dunnnn)!


After her 2nd kill of the night, Chicken tries to team up with Rat and Monkey in order to backstab them later. However, Monkey’s true powers, the power of friendship and being really genuine, disarm Chicken.


The saddened Chicken can’t catch a break as she then meets the cold and destructive Ox who then proceeds to (humanely) slaughter and fillet Chicken.



Episode 4:

Spoiler: No one dies this episode- at least in the game!


Things are relatively calm this round as Monkey and Rat share bedtime stories in the underground sewer. We learn of Monkey’s pacifist philosophies and her aims to save everyone within the Juni Taisen. Then again it isn’t truly fair to say that no one died with an emotional recap from Monkey’s memories.


However, Rabbit forces both Monkey and Rat out of the sewer with his horde of zombified birds and zombie Snake! Will someone die soon? DUH DUH DUNNN!



Episode 5:

Hold up?! No one died in this episode again? Isn’t this a death game? Well to be fair, quite a few people got offed, even in space…space…space…


This time we go into the backstory of the veteran winner, Sheep, who took out his opponents in an explosive manner. The shrewd demolitions sage was always a step ahead with his bombs even winning the previous Juni Taisen! Now in the current Juni Taisen, he plots how to outmaneuver the youngins, although it seems his information on the competition is outdated.


Back on the battlefront it’s a true free-for-all! It’s Monkey vs Rabbit, Horse vs Ox, and Rat vs Snake. When Ox flees from the fight, Horse goes for the nearest opponent: the scheming Sheep. Sheep knows better than to ram horns with the powerful Ox, so he hightails it out to come face-to-face with the drunk Tiger. She can’t be a problem while drunk though right?



Episode 6:

This episode more than made up for all the death-less episodes where we had not one, not two, but THREE deaths! Sheep, Monkey, and even the strong Horse.


The (supposedly) sage Sheep comes toe-to-toe with the tipsy Tiger, underestimating her at every moment. As Sheep multiplies to Tiger’s beer goggles, Sheep engages with condescending pleasantries. But as soon the conversation ends, so does Sheep’s life.


While the headless and flamethrower-wielding Snake gives chase to the deft Rat, Monkey continues to duke it out with the sadistic Rabbit and his unrelenting army of zombie birds (yes that is a real thing). Monkey- who is confident in her fighting prowess over the unstable Rabbit- attempts to subdue her foe. However, Rabbit comes out ahead using Snake’s eyes- literally his head and eyes- to outmaneuver the agile Monkey. Goodbye our sweet peacemaker.


Finally, we see the backstory of Horse, a genetically modified special-forces human with toughened skin and muscles, who we see doesn’t have a toughened spirit as he’s hiding in a vault. Rat shocks the spooked Horse by hiding in the supposedly impenetrable vault. However, Rat finding the vault means that a certain headless, flamethrower-wielding individual has found the vault too. And here, we probably have our most gruesome death so far as Horse is suffocated and burned alive within the vault, unable to get out.