Conventions 2018 – Katsucon

We’re hungry for more convention time with fans on the east coast! Conventions manager, Tara, and squad are flying to Maryland for Katsucon 2018 with panels, events, anime screenings, and more! See below for more details:



Funimation Peep Show (18+) | Friday, February 16th | 10:15p | Live 1

Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch clips and trailers from some of the hottest Funimation titles with host Cookie Stratford. Audience participation encouraged by tweeting using the hashtag #FunimationPeepShow. You could even win some naughty prizes. (18+, Bring your IDs!)

Funimation Favorites Panel | Saturday, February 17th | 12:15p | Live 6
Funimation takes a look at some of our personal favorites from current anime and past classics. What’s your Funimation favorite? Share it with us using the hashtag #FunimationFave!

Funimation Industry Panel | Saturday, February 17th | 4:30p | Live 6
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor—Funimation.


Stop by the Funimation booth to get some great deals on new and classic titles! In addition to sweet savings that can be found at the booth, we’ll have some special events at the booth such as:

Lucky Pin Draw!
When you spend a certain amount at the booth, you’ll get to choose a free Funimation-exclusive pin! Pin tiers are:

  • $75 – 1 pin
  • $125 – 2 pins
  • $150 – 3 pins
  • $200 – 4 pins

With every purchase we’ll be handing out collectible shopping bags and a Funimation Lanyard! Also you can be sure to find special autographed items based on what you buy.


Come hang out in the Funimation Lounge, rest your feet, snuggle up with your favorite waifu or husbando pillow and enjoy some anime — all weekend long from 10a-7p each day in National Harbor 11!


Free! Take Your Marks: Button Making Booth | 10a – 7p | Funimation Lounge (National Harbor 11)

Looking to bling out your itabags with some swimming boys? Free! -Take Your Marks-, the anime sequel to the TV series, is coming to theaters, and we’re holding a special button-making workshop at the Funimation lounge. Come decorate a pinback button/can badge of your favorite Free! boys—we’ll provide character pin artwork, foil borders, glitter, markers, ribbon and more, to make your perfect itabag-worthy masterpiece.


Be sure to post pics of your creations with hashtag #FreeTYM. You can also enter your button into our contest at the con—we’ll choose one fan-made button, and the winner will get a full-size theatrical poster! We’ll display all the entries, and you can come back to the lounge to pick up at the end of the con.



Bungo Stray Dogs English Dub Premiere| Friday, February 16th | 10:00p | Video Room 1
Stalked by a beastly white tiger, Atsushi Nakajima has no idea that the menace lives inside him—a power that catches the attention of the Armed Detective Agency. Using inhuman abilities to combat crime, this team takes Atsushi under the wing of their most eccentric member, Dazai. Together, they tear through mafia-muddled mysteries while enemies keep an eye on the tiger’s lofty bounty.

Attack on Titan Season 2 Home Video Premiere | Friday, February 16th | 10:00p | Video Room 2

Eren’s battle against the Titans rages on! After fighting the Female Titan, he has no time to rest as a hoard approaches Wall Rose. A new war begins and as they face the threat to humanity, they begin to unearth terrifying secrets. What are the Titans really and where do they get their power—and who’s really on their side? 

Attack on Titan Season 2 Key Art

Yuri!!! on Ice Home Video Premiere| Friday, February 16th | 8:00p | Video Room 1
Yuri Katsuki makes his way to the Grand Prix ice skating competition as Japan’s top representative with his eyes on the prize. However, instead of celebrating, Yuri walks away defeated and ready to retire for good. But a run-in with champion Viktor Nikiforov and rising star Yuri Plisetsky ignites a new fire within him. With the two of them close by his side, Yuri will take to the ice once more.

Izetta The Last Witch Home Video Premiere | Saturday, February 17th | 11:00p | Video Room 2

It’s 1940 and the world is in the throes of war. Germania has threatened to invade a small neighboring country, putting their princess in danger. But in the midst of it all, a mysterious power awakens. The last witch has come to the aid of the princess, combining magic and weaponry to take on enemies.


See you there!