How does the Free! timeline work, anyway?!

“What’s the Free! -Take Your Marks- movie and how does it relate to the TV series? @_@“ GLAD YOU ASKED!  If you’re not totally sure how the four Free! movies we announced relate to each other (and the upcoming new third season :O), check out our handy image guide:


And if you need a quick refresher of some old and new faces (or you just want to look at their faces <3) here’s a recap!

-Iwatobi Boys-

Haruka and Makoto are heading to college after the events of Free! season 2; what’s in store for them next? Here’s a little of what the Iwatobi Swimming Club🐬🐋 🦋🐧 boys are facing in the upcoming movie Free! -Take Your Marks-, in theaters March 14—watch it ahead of season 3’s debut announced for summer of this year!

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-Samuezuka Boys-

Any love for everyone’s Samezuka boys? 🦈🐳 The “rival” team also gets its chance to shine as Rin preps to move to Australia and the underclassmen take over the club. See what happens in the Free! -Take Your Marks- movie!

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-New Characters-

SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW FAVES. Meet Haruka and Makoto’s former teammates from Iwatobi Middle School, now all grown up and looking fine~ Ikuya, Asahi, Nao, and Natsuya appear as high school and college students in Free! -Take Your Marks-, so see them on the big screen!

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Make sure to watch the movie BEFORE season 3 hits this summer, so you’re all caught up! Free! -Take Your Marks- movie is in theaters one-day only on March 14, and you can already find a theater and secure your tickets at In Japanese with English subtitles.